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You are here: Home en Syllabuses (2020) Graduate School of Education Course of Clinical Philosophical Pedagogy Advanced Reading in Philosophical Anthropology I

Advanced Reading in Philosophical Anthropology I


Numbering Code
  • G-EDU45 58420 SJ47
Term 2020/First semester
Course Type reading and seminar
Target Year Master's students
Target Student Graduate
Language Japanese
Day/Period Wed.3
  • Graduate School of Education, Associate Professor SAITOU NAOKO
Schedule and Contents 第一部、第二部を順次講読する。
昨年度作成した邦訳をもとに、英語原典と日本語邦訳の批判的検討を通じて、「翻訳としての哲学」(Standish and Saito 2017)を実践する。

第一回 導入
PART I: Pragmatism and Its History
第二回 The Romance of Philosophy (1)
第三回 The Romance of Philosophy (2)
第四回 The Pragmatic Turn (1)
第五回 The Pragmatic Turn (2)
第四回 Richard Rorty: ‘So Much the Worse for Your Old Intuitions, Start Working Up Some New Ones’
第五回 John Dewey’s Encounter with Leon Trotsky(1)
第六回 John Dewey’s Encounter with Leon Trotsky(2)

PART II: Democracy and Pluralism
第七回  The Spectre Haunting Multiculturalism(1)
第八回 The Spectre Haunting Multiculturalism(2)
第九回  Cultural Pluralism(1)
第十回 Cultural Pluralism(2)
第十二回  Charles Taylor’s Engaged Pluralism
第十三回Democratic Hope
第十四回  The Normative Core of the Public Sphere
Prerequisites None