Introduction to Foreign Literature on Bio-Systems Engineering, 2014

2014/10/27 Tumpa Rani Sarker Tumpa Rani SARKER

Course Description
This is a distance learning course conducted in English with National Taiwan University, Taiwan. The instructors include Prof. Naoshi Kondo, Prof. Garry Piller from Kyoto University, and Prof. Suming Chen, Prof. Ping-Lang Yen from National Taiwan University. The scope and development trend of Bio-Systems Engineering will be introduced first, and a series of student presentation and discussion in the field of Bio-Systems Engineering will be conducted through distance learning with Kyoto University. The international experience and communication ability regarding reading, speaking, listening and discussion will be enhanced during the semester.


2014 / Second semester
October 6th , 2014 to January 6th , 2015
Graduate School
Faculty of Agriculture
Instructor name
Naoshi KONDO(Professor)
Garry John PILLER(Professor)


Course Goals
1. To enhance the knowledge of students regarding Bio-Systems Engineering's scope and development.
2. To develop the communication ability of students regarding presentation, discussion and international experience.
Schedule and Contents
1. Course guidance
2. How to prepare an effective presentation in English
3. Student presentation & discussion
4. Guidance for writing extended abstract and scientific paper
5. Extended abstract submission
6. Revision works for the manuscript of extended abstract
7. Feedback (final class: reply to questions)

Above item 3 and item 5 are conducted for several times and each student makes presentation and submission. We have a "feedback lecture" on the final lecture day.
Evaluation Methods and Policy
[Evaluation standard and criteria]
1. Attendance 20%
2. Presentations 30%
3. Final Report 20%
4. Discussions 30%
Textbooks/References, etc.
Kondo N. et al『Agricultural Robots – Mechanisms and Practice.』(Kyoto University Press and Trans Pacific Press)
『EAEF Journal papers』 We indicate students how to choose what kind of presentation from many researches described above text book or EAEF journal papers.

[Books for reference]
Kondo N.『Robotics for Bio-production Systems』(ASAE)