Practical Course in Marine Bioscience and Technology II (Maizuru Fisheries Research Station)

Field Course (1) “Field sampling using a ship” Keita Suzuki (Assistant Professor, Field Science Education and Research Center)


2021 / Intensive, First semester
April 1st , 2021 to March 31st , 2022
Graduate School
Faculty of Agriculture, Field Science Education and Research Center
Japanese, English
Instructor name
Keita Suzuki(Assistant Professor, Field Science Education and Research Center)
Masato Kinoshita(Associate Professor, Graduate School of Agriculture)
Maizuru Fisheries Research Station

(1) Field sampling using a ship
Outline: Sampling of benthic animals and observation of water quality were conducted onboard R/V ‘Ryokuyo-maru’. The aim of the sampling and observation was to learn how different animal communities occur in different habitats. Because of bad weather conditions, the image and sound are partially damaged.

(2) Practical training in the laboratory
Outline: Benthic animals collected by trawl net during the training course were used to extract their DNA and amplify their DNA by PCR. Species were identified from DNA sequences and illustrations, and the results were compared.


No. U-AGR01 2A206 PJ81 Term 2021 ・ Intensive, First semester
Number of Credits 2 Course Type Practical training
Target Year 2nd year students Language Japanese
Day/Period Intensive