International Symposium on Evidence-Based Education through Learning Analytics 2019 Organizer: Science Council of Japan (SCJ)

Supporting Evidence-based Teaching-learning practices with Technology Rwitajit MAJUMDAR (Kyoto University)

It is very important to utilize data and evidences related to education and learning activities effectively in order to promote research for improving education and for nurturing human resources.
Also, we need to discuss educational policies to use data on education and learning activities not only for individual educational institutions but also for nationwide use. To do so, Science Council of Japan (SCJ) established “SIG on educational data utilization at the national level” aiming at, (1) to understand the current situation of the collection and utilization of education / learning related data and to solve problems in domestic and overseas, (2) to create a policy for collecting educational data at the national level. Also, with regard to the analysis of educational data (learning analytics), we are now conducting a research on the Cabinet Office ‘s Strategic Innovation Creation Program (SIP) Phase 2 / Cyber Space Infrastructure Technology Utilizing Big Data, and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Association for Scientific Research Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S). At this symposium, we will introduce these studies and discuss utilization of educational data at national level and how to implement evidence based education through learning analytics.