Applied Mathematics and Physics Laboratory

Numbering Code U-ENG29 29125 EJ55
U-ENG29 29125 EJ10
Year/Term 2022 ・ Second semester
Number of Credits 4 Course Type Experiment
Target Year Target Student
Language Japanese Day/Period Mon.3・4・Tue.3・4
Instructor name YAMAKAWA YUYA (Graduate School of Informatics Assistant Professor)
Aleksandar Shurbevski (Graduate School of Informatics Assistant Professor)
NAKAYAMA YUGO (Graduate School of Informatics Assistant Professor)
Outline and Purpose of the Course Applied Mathematics and Physics is a scientific discipline that gives a theoretical foundation to understand and explain the behavior of systems and physical phenomena around us, as well as give us means to solve various problems. This experiment class is a chance to see in action the basic principles of mathematical modeling behind engineering that have been learned in elementary mathematics and physics courses. In addition, students will work on developing their programming skills and learn how to produce scientific reports in the LaTeX system.
Course Goals ・Understand basic algorithms and develop skills to implement them in a programming language, as well as use experimental results to analyze, understand, and conjecture about certain phenomena.
・Become familiar on using the LaTeX writing system, and producing scientific reports.
Schedule and Contents Day 1-2 : Class guidance and instructions on writing reports
・Guidance on the course of the classes, as well as using the BYOD class system
・General instructions on writing scientific reports
・Using gnuplot to produce plots of a set of data, including illustrations using the LaTeX system, etc.
Day 3-6 : Ordinary differential equations
Day 7-10 : Finite difference method of heat equations
Day 11-14: Numerical integration
Day 15-18: Finding function roots; Continuous optimization
Day 19-22: Least squares method
Day 23-26: Image generation by neural networks (VAE and GAN, etc)
Day 27-30: Combinatorial optimization
Evaluation Methods and Policy The evaluation will be based on a report for each of the class topics. It is necessary to submit reports for all topics in order to get credit for the class (note, it is not guaranteed that credit will be earned if all reports are submitted).
In addition, tardiness, absence from class, and re-submitting a report will incur reduction in the grade.
Course Requirements Acquired credits for all Basic Subjects offered by the Applied Mathematics and Physics Course.
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) Pre-class preparation by reading the provided experiment manual, class notes, and other reference materials is highly recommended.
Textbooks Textbooks/References An experiment manual prepared by the instructors will be distributed in class.
References, etc. Supplemental materials will be introduced if deemed necessary.
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