Sixth International Symposium on Human Survivability “Bridging the Divide Between Science and Culture: The Role of Human Survivability Studies”

Round-table discussion with all speakers Moderator: Prof. Dimiter Ialnazov, GSAIS, Kyoto University

Short Summary

During the symposium we will argue that to overcome the fragmentation and compartmentalization of knowledge, we need to explore deeper the complementarity between science and culture. The Sixth International Symposium on Human Survivability aims to bring together scholars from humanities, natural and social sciences, who are united by the idea that bridging the gap between science and culture is indispensable for achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs), as well as for dealing with present and future threats to human survivability.

About the Organizers

The Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability (GSAIS/Shishukan) runs a 5-year PhD program aiming to raise young future leaders who can find novel solutions to complex social issues such as climate change, resource depletion, biodiversity loss, poverty, and inequality, food security, population pressure, the spread of infectious diseases, etc. Human Survivability Studies is an integrated academic field that aims to integrate knowledge or wisdom from individual disciplines related to the survival of mankind and global society. Our final goal is to contribute to the creation of a sustainable future for humanity.
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