Marine Biology with Laboratory & Field Work 1

(2) Observing the animals of the tidal flats with biological identification Ryutaro Goto (Assistant Professor, FSERC)

*Note that the ship sometimes swayed on high waves
[Seto Marine Biological Laboratory]
The laboratory was established in 1922 at Shirahama Town, Wakayama prefecture. Throughout its history, the laboratory has been one of center places in Japan to study systematics, ecology and other natural history sciences of marine invertebrates. The laboratory has been visited by hundreds of distinguished scientists from all over the world for their research and also used for education for university students from various parts of Japan. The laboratory holds Shirahama Aquarium as an adjunct facility and Hatakejima Island as a protected area. The neighboring coastal areas are composed of diverse environments such as steep cliffs, bays of various sizes, sandy beaches, rocky shores, and mudflat. The climate is mild, which is influenced by the warm oceanic current Kuroshio, and the marine flora and fauna are exceptionally rich.


Graduate School
Faculty of Science, Field Science Education and Research Center
Japanese, English
Instructor name
Tomoyuki Nakano(Junior Associate Professor, FSERC)
Ryutaro Goto(Assistant Professor, FSERC)
Mariko Kawamura(Researcher, FSERC)
Hiroki Yamauchi(Technical staff, FSERC)
Kohki Yamamoto(the Captain, Technical staff, FSERC)
Keisuke Koizumi(Doctoral Course, Graduate School of Science)
Seto Marine Biological Laboratory


No. U-SCI00 22733 EJ69 Term 2021・Intensive, First semester
Number of Credits 2 credits Course Type Practical training
Target Year 2nd year students or above Language Japanese
Instructor name
ASAKURA AKIRA (Field Science Education and Research Center Professor)
SHIMOMURA MICHITAKA (Field Science Education and Research Center Associate Professor)
NAKANO TOMOYUKI (Field Science Education and Research Center Junior Associate Professor)
GOTO RYUTARO (Field Science Education and Research Center Assistant Professor)
Outline and Purpose of the Course
Course Goals
Schedule and Contents
Study outside of Class (preparation and review)
Textbooks/References, etc.
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