Graduate School of Education 2020 Invited Lecture Series 7

The Internationalization of the “Japanese Model” of Schooling Tokkatsu Ryoko Tsuneyoshi (Professor, Graduate School of Education, The University of Tokyo)

2020 Invited Lecture Series
Toward Critical, Historical and Transnational Dialogues on Japanese “Model” of Education
The value of developing the social and emotional aspects of the child, promoting non-cognitive abilities, etc. are now recognized internationally. The Japanese model of schooling integrates both subject and non-subject learning under the umbrella of a larger holistic educational framework. This model, now known internationally as the Tokkatsu model (comes from tokubetsu katsudo), is now being implemented outside of Japan (e.g., Egypt, with assistance from JICA). This presentation focuses on this model, and reviews some of the developments abroad, and analyzes the challenges, possibilities, and possible future directions, as the model internationalizes.