iCeMS Learning Lounge #2: GP Namasivayam + Marcel Hörning, 2015

Nature-inspired Cure for the Incurable – Coming soon? Dr. Ganesh Pandian Namasivayam

Course Description

Why Our Science Matters
The “Learning Lounge” features young scientists who, in 20 minutes deliver a presentation that will persuade any curious listener, even those without a scientific background, why their research area — not just the personal research of the speaker — is important to the world.


Dr. Ganesh Pandian Namasivayam
“Nature-inspired Cure for the Incurable – Coming soon?”
We often see on the daily news that a recent scientific discovery has brought us one step closer to the cure for diseases considered incurable. But how close are we? Join us to have a closer look at the need to develop nature-inspired therapeutic strategies for speeding up the journey toward sustainable cures for complex diseases.


Dr. Marcel Hörning
“What is a Heart Attack?”
Do you know!? Though heart diseases are one of the most common causes of death worldwide, most people do not know what heart diseases are, or how they are treated. Here I will present what happens to your heart during a heart attack, and how AEDs and implantable cardiac pacemakers help you to stay alive.