iCeMS Learning Lounge #14: Aizu Gakuho High School (Special collaboration with iCeMS Caravan), 2017

Scientists, Show Yourselves! Students from Aizu Gakuho High School

Course Description
The “iCeMS Caravan” visits high schools and provides an active-learning program for the students to experience the process of “using knowledge to create and communicate ideas.” This time, the Caravan students visit iCeMS in return to deliver their messages!


Students from Aizu Gakuho High School
“Scientists, Show Yourselves!”
We know the word ‘scientist’, but does anybody know what a scientist actually does? We believe that through greater interaction with society, scientists can empower young people. We therefore ask you to hear our request: “tell us what you are doing!”

The experience of taking part in the iCeMS Learning Lounge made us mature in some ways. It improved our English and presentation skills. It taught us how to construct what is in our mind. Last but not least, the most significant change was that we came to be confident and proud of what we have worked on. We love everything that we have absorbed from the iCeMS activities, including chatting with iCeMS scientists. They motivated us to do “something interesting” to become a COOL adult like them. We appreciate iCeMS and our teachers for giving us such a wonderful opportunity. Thank you so much.


Mr. Tomomichi Kato
“What High School Principals Can Do for the Next Generations”
The iCeMS Caravan “Mechanism for Learning” held at Aizu-Gakuho this March inspired both the students and us teachers. “What is the key to fostering the next generations?” Keeping this in mind, principals always need to consider the key elements for developing students’ abilities. I’d like to share and discuss our approach to “our future”.

It was an honor to be able to participate in the special project of Learning Lounge where high school students and principals made a presentation, but I was nervous and I felt pressure like I had never experienced. Through examining the content of my presentation and making slides, I found several problems with our school that as the principal I can address and hopefully improve. Thank you for your precious opportunity.