Inaugural Symposium of the Global Education Office

Introduction Jeremy Rappleye (Kyoto University)

On Saturday, December 1, 2018, in commemoration of the establishment of the Global Education Office in our school, we held a symposium on the theme “A ‘Japanese Model’ of Education Culture in a Global Era? Retrospect and Prospect”.
On that day, following opening remarks by Kyoko Inagaki, a dean of Graduate School of Education at Kyoto University, Associate Professor Jeremy Rappleye gave a brief introduction of the symposium. After that, keynote talks were given by Professor Roger Goodman at Oxford University, Professor Joseph Tobin at the University of Georgia (USA), and Associate Professor Keita Takayama at University of New England (Australia). In a panel discussion that followed, with Associate Professor Rappleye as a discussant, keynote speakers as panelists deepened the discussion based on questions from participants. Finally, with the summary of the symposium and greeting by Professor Shoko Suzuki, it came to a close.
This symposium became an opportunity to clarify the outline of the “inheritance of ‘Japanese style’ educational culture and knowledge” project promoted by the global education office from this fiscal year and to think about how to advance research on Japanese education. Here are comments from the participants. “I made sense of what I had vaguely understood.” “It was interesting to analyze about Japanese education from various aspects.” “Although I knew about the Kyoto University Global Education Office for the first time, I think that it is a very interesting initiative. I will support it in my mind.”