9640001 Hebrew

Numbering Code U-LET49 39640 LJ48 Year/Term 2021 ・ Second semester
Number of Credits 2 Course Type lecture
Target Year Target Student
Language Japanese Day/Period Tue.3
Instructor name TESHIMA IZAYA (Part-time Lecturer)
Outline and Purpose of the Course For students with an elementary knowledge of Hebrew (equivalent that of Hebrew 1). Aims at understanding of Hebrew verbs and further development of skills in reading ancient, medieval, and modern text. With an emphasis on parsing verbs in form/root/conjugation and also appreciating nuances to Hebrew tense system, attention will be given to the exegetical traditions of Judaism.
Course Goals To understand the basics of Hebrew verbs in forms, roots, and conjugations, and to be able to appreciate the nuances of Hebrew tense in reading texts of various periods, in addition, to become familiar with the verbal system of Hebrew of biblical time and recognize the significance of w-consecutive in light of Ancient North West Semitics.
Schedule and Contents 1.Nominal and Verbal sentence, 2.Issues of Paradigm of Hebrew verbs, 3. Suffixed form (perfect), 4. Prefixed form (imperfect), 5. Infinitive and Imperative, 6. Levita's paradigm (active and passive), 7. Levita's paradigm (time and tense),8. Root/Gizra, 9.w-consecutive and NWS, 10. reading the biblical text,11.Rabbinical text, 12.Medieval text, 13. Premodern text, 14. Modern text, 15. Summary
Evaluation Methods and Policy The Credit/Grade will be based upon 1.Homework(20%), 2.Quiz(30%), 3. Exposition(50%).
Course Requirements None
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) To do homework, to go over handouts, and to expand interest to related fields.
Textbooks Textbooks/References N/A
References, etc. N/A