Elementary Japanese II (8H course)

Numbering Code U-LAS29 10010 SJ48 Year/Term 2021 ・ Second semester
Number of Credits 8 Course Type Seminar (Foreign language)
Target Year All students Target Student International students
Language Japanese Day/Period Tue.3・4・Thu.3・4
Instructor name YUKAWA SHIKIKO (Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences Associate Professor)
MIHARA CHIKA (Part-time Lecturer)
Kamegawa Nobuyo (Part-time Lecturer)
Outline and Purpose of the Course 日本語初級II(8Hコース)は初級前半を終えた学習者を対象に「話す・聞く・読む・書く」の4技能を総合的に向上させるためのコースとして設計されている。本コースは週4コマから構成されている。日常生活のさまざまな場面でコミュニケーションがとれるように、必要な読み書きのスキルと会話能力を身につけることを目的とする。一学期を通して新しい文型や語彙を学ぶだけでなく、初級前半で習った文型や語彙の応用練習も行う。

This is an integrated course offered as a sequence of 4 class periods per week designed for students who have completed the first half of Elementary Japanese. The purpose of the course is for students to attain the reading, writing and conversation skills necessary for communicating in a variety of everyday situations. Students will not only learn new elementary sentence patterns and build their vocabulary, but they will also practice applying the sentence patterns and vocabulary previously learned.
Course Goals 本コースの到達目標は以下の通りである。
・JLPT N4/ CEFR A2 レベルに相当するレベルを達成する。
Course goals are as follows:
・Expand your basic vocabulary, and finish learning the elementary sentence patterns.
・To be able to read, write and converse using simple sentences that are practical for daily life.
・To be able to explain and exchange information regarding familiar topics using basic words and expressions.
・To attain a level of proficiency equivalent to the JLPT N4 or CEFR A2 levels.
Schedule and Contents 初級II(8Hコース)は以下の4クラスから構成されている。
 火曜日3限 文型・練習問題、会話練習(担当:三原) 
 火曜日4限 文型・練習問題、リスニング練習(担当:湯川)
 木曜日3限 文型・練習問題、ペア・グループワーク(担当:亀川)
 木曜日4限 文型・練習問題、ペア・グループワーク(担当:亀川)

メインテキストとして『初級日本語〔げんき〕II(第2版)』(The Japan Times)を使用し、毎週1課ずつ学習していく。授業計画は以下の通りである。

第1週      ガイダンス、初級I復習、13課(前半)
第2週~第4週   13課(後半)~15課
第5週      復習、小テスト(13課~15課)、16課(前半)
第6週~第9週   16課(後半)~19課、アクティビティーI(会話・読み書き等)
第10週      復習、小テスト(16課~19課)、20課(前半)
第11週~第13週  20課(後半)~23課、アクティビティーII(会話・読み書き等)
第14週      復習、小テスト(20課~23課)
第15週      木曜日3限、4限:小テストのフィードバック・総合復習
第16週      火曜日4限:期末試験のフィードバック

Elementary Japanese II (8H course) is comprised of the following four class periods.
Tuesday, 3rd period: Sentence patterns and exercises, conversation practice (Instructor: Mihara)
Tuesday, 4th period: Sentence patterns and exercises, listening practice (Yukawa)
Thursday, 3rd period: Sentence patterns and exercises, pair/group work (Kamekawa)
Thursday, 4th period: Sentence patterns and exercises, pair/group work (Kamekawa)

We will use Elementary Japanese Genki II, Second Edition, (The Japan Times) as our main textbook, and cover one lesson each week. The course schedule is as follows.
Week 1    Orientation, review of Elementary I, 1st half of Lesson 13
Weeks 2~4  2nd half of L. 13 thru L. 15
Week 5    Review, test (L. 13~L. 15), 1st half of L. 16
Weeks 6~9  2nd half of L. 16 thru L. 19,
       Activity I (conversation/reading/writing)
Week 10    Review, test (L. 16~L. 19), 1st half of L. 20
Weeks 11~13 2nd half of L. 20 thru L. 23,
       Activity II (conversation/reading/writing)
Week 14    Review, test (L. 20~L. 23)
Week 15    Thursday, 3rd and 4th periods: Feedback on test, overall review
       Tuesday, 3rd period: Feedback on semester, overall review
       Tuesday, 4th period: Final exam (L. 13~L. 23)
Week 16    Tuesday, 4th period: Feedback on final exam
※Because this course is held 4 times per week, the feedback sessions will be held as shown above.
Evaluation Methods and Policy ・「参加態度」30%と「3回の小テスト、期末試験」70%で評価する。
・The student's final grade will be based on 1) in-class participation (30%), and 2) three tests and a final exam(70%).
・Details of the grading method and evaluation criteria will be provided in class.
・Students who are absent from 1/3 or more of the total 15 sessions of each class will not be evaluated.
Course Requirements 「全学共通科目履修の手引き」を参照。
Refer to the Handbook of Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses.
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) 『初級日本語〔げんき〕II(第2版)』で、必ず各課の「単語」を予習し、文法解説を読んでくること。
Students are required to learn the vocabulary and read the grammar explanations in each lesson before coming to class.
Textbooks Textbooks/References 初級日本語 げんきⅡ(第3版), 坂野永理他, (The Japan Times), ISBN:978-4-7890-1732-9
An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese Genki II, Third Edition, Banno, Eri et al., (The Japan Times), ISBN:978-4-7890-1732-9