Introduction to Social Research-E2

Numbering Code U-LAS04 20031 LE45 Year/Term 2021 ・ Second semester
Number of Credits 2 Course Type Lecture
Target Year Mainly 1st & 2nd year students Target Student For all majors
Language English Day/Period Tue.3
Instructor name Stephane Heim (Graduate School of Letters Associate Professor)
Outline and Purpose of the Course Social sciences, whose aim is an in-depth understanding of human behaviors, share with natural and engineering sciences a common "scientific frame", while having also specific and diverse research methodologies. Those methodologies are usually divided into quantitative and qualitative approaches. The qualitative approaches are presented in this lecture. We will see both how a research can be conduced from the building of a sound problematic to the final report writing, and how several well-known surveys produced knowledge about human behaviors.
Course Goals This course aims to familiarize students with different qualitative research methods so as to develop their critical sense and ability in analyzing social, economic, and political issues presented and debated in the media, and in leading qualitative researches on their own. A great variety of researches will be exposed and discussed, as well as the construction of, and issues linked with each step of a qualitative research.
Schedule and Contents Week 1. Introduction to Field Research
Week 2. Literature Reviews
Week 3. Research Design: Hypothesis and Research Question
Week 4. Field Research and Questionnaire
Week 5. Interviews, Observation, and Participation
Week 6. Documents and Archives
Week 7. Interpretation, Qualitative Data Analysis, and Content Analysis
Week 8. Conceptualization, Operationalization
Week 9. Writing Research Reports
Week 10. Historical/Comparative Research
Week 11. Field Research and Social Surveys
Week 12. Social Research in Critical Perspective
Week 13. Research Ethics
Week 14. Course Conclusions

Total: 14 classes, 1 Feedback session
Evaluation Methods and Policy Final report.
Course Requirements The lectures will be delivered in English. There are no prerequisite to take this course.

Due to the COVID-19, this semester we will have online classes using the zoom application. Here is the link to the class (same link every week):

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Study outside of Class (preparation and review) During each class, the first ten-fifteen minutes are dedicated to the review of the previous class. Students are asked to prepare each lesson on a weekly basis.