JK06001Introduction-Research Skills

Numbering Code G-LET36 7JK06 SE36 Year/Term 2021 ・ First semester
Number of Credits 2 Course Type Seminar
Target Year Target Student
Language English Day/Period Wed.4
Instructor name Bjorn-Ole Kamm (Graduate School of Letters Senior Lecturer)
Outline and Purpose of the Course This course introduces useful and essential skills for academic research to new JDTS students. Besides providing essential academic skills (using citation systems, finding topic-related literature in the Kyoto university and Heidelberg university library and electronic databases, time management, good scientific practice), the course will also prepare the students for preparing and giving good presentations and writing seminar papers within the JDTS program, including practical advice on formalities and layout. Main questions we will address are: Where and how do I find literature for my presentation and term paper? How do I prepare and give a good presentation? How does a term paper look like? What makes a good term paper? What needs to be included in a term paper? How do I quote correctly and create a bibliography? How to manage my time efficiently? Depending on corona risk levels, the course also includes a guided tour through the main branch of the university library on the Yoshida campus.

Study Focus: all.
Module: Introduction to Transcultural Studies.
Course Goals Students will acquire basic academic skills for conducting research and obtain necessary expertise for preparing good presentations and term papers.
Schedule and Contents IMPORTANT・重要: The course will be offered online (remote) only (please go to PandA for the Zoom link).
This course begins after the Foundation sessions of the Introduction to Transcultural Studies lecture (JK01001). Please see PandA for a detailed course schedule. We will cover the topics listed below.
(1) What is Research?
(2) Research Questions and Working Hypotheses
(3) Quality and Credibility of Sources
(4) Oral Presentations
(5) Term Papers
(6) Plagiarism
(7) Bibliography and Citation Software
(8) Time Management
Evaluation Methods and Policy Students' grades will be weighed according to the following scheme:
Active participation 30%
Homework and Exercises 30%
Final term essay 40%
Course Requirements Mandatory for all first-year students of Transcultural Studies. Please make sure you can access all class material and have a sufficient internet connection for the Zoom meetings. If you have technical issues, please contact the instructor as soon as possible.
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) Every participant is expected to carry out his or her own small research project and give a short presentation in the course. They will be given enough time for assignments in class but might need to do some extra work out of class.
Textbooks Textbooks/References The course materials will be made available via the course PandA webpage.
References, etc. The Research Act: A Theoretical Introduction to Sociological Methods, Denzin, Norman K. 2009. , (New Brunswick: Aldine Pub)
Skilful Time Management., Levin, Peter. 2007., (Maidenhead: Open University Press)
Student's Guide to Writing College Papers. 4th ed., rev. by Gregory G. Colomb, et al., Turabian, Kate L. 2010., (Chicago: University of Chicago Press)
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Selection; excerpts will be provided in class.