7042001Archaeology (Seminars)

Numbering Code G-LET27 77042 SJ38 Year/Term 2021 ・ Year-round
Number of Credits 4 Course Type Seminar
Target Year Target Student
Language Japanese Day/Period Fri.4
Instructor name SHIMOGAKI HITOSHI (Graduate School of Letters Associate Professor)
Outline and Purpose of the Course  In this seminar, students will gain specific methodologies and knowledge about archaeology as well as learn how to produce presentations and discussions, through the class setup of presentations by class leaders (students) and discussions on the topic. Furthermore, undergraduates will narrow down their own research topics for their graduation theses, and graduate students will further advance their own research.
Course Goals To be able to extract information from archaeological materials and related documents and to learn methods for constructing inquiries based on specific methodologies. To gain methods for creating discussions that will lead to a more high-level argument, after having understood the content of the presentation.
Schedule and Contents Throughout the year, students will polish their archaeology presentation and discussion techniques.
In the first semester, students will be assigned research presentations and topical paper presentations according to their own concerns and interests (the latter may be omitted depending on the number of participants). In the second semester, students will set their topics in line with their own research interests, report on their research, and lead discussions. We will schedule the presentations according to the number of class members during the first class session, so please do everything necessary to attend.
*If we have not yet returned to normal after last year's chaos, there is a possibility that the class will be held in a non-face-to-face format. The professor will contact class members as soon as possible when changes are made, so please check your class communication lines regularly.

Changes will be made according to the number of students, but the plan is generally as follows.
[First semester]
Session 1: Explanation of first semester class plan, setting report presentation order, etc.
Sessions 2~15: Reports and discussions
[Second semester]
Sessions 1~15: Reports and discussions of each student's research topics
Evaluation Methods and Policy Students will be assessed comprehensively on their presentation content, level of participation in discussions, and report quality. If a presenter is absent without being given permission, this will be seen as abdicating certification of the credits for this course.
Course Requirements Since this course is quite specialized in archaeology, students should preferably have already taken courses in archaeological practices, or plan to take such courses.
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) To handle the provided topics and successfully present and write reports, students should actively observe and explore related artifacts and archaeological sites. Furthermore, students should discover topics and enhance their knowledge of archaeology by actively attending and participating in museum visits, field briefing tours, material investigations, and excavations.
Textbooks Textbooks/References Not used
References, etc. Introduced during class