International Fieldwork I(Advanced)

Numbering Code G-EDU14 66382 PB46
G-EDU14 66382 PB47
Year/Term 2021 ・ Intensive, First semester
Number of Credits Course Type Practical training
Target Year Doctoral students Target Student
Language Japanese and English Day/Period Intensive
Instructor name ANDO SACHI (Graduate School of Education Senior Lecturer)
Outline and Purpose of the Course Students engaging in international fieldwork undertake on-the-ground investigation or data collection related to their individual research topics (e.g., the collection of primary data, which include the opinions of those on the ground and the collection of secondary data such as those found in museums or libraries). This class is adopted as a “global education subject (advanced)” (i.e., a mandatory subject for all students under the Doctor of Education program) and it aims to allow students to experience carrying out an investigation in an international institution (based in Japan or overseas), an overseas research institution, or do field research overseas.
Course Goals ・Students should be able to organize their own fieldwork independently
・Students should be able to clearly explain why certain issues emerged and communicate relevant results
Schedule and Contents 1. Pre-fieldwork study (4 sessions)
First and second session: Individual interviews
Third and fourth session: Preparation
2. Fieldwork (8 hours a day x 5 days a week x 2 weeks = 80 hours; equivalent to 10 sessions)
3. Post-fieldwork study (1 session)
Results report
Evaluation Methods and Policy 【Evaluation method】
Performance is evaluated based on fieldwork reports (diary 50%, results report 50%).

【Evaluation guidelines】
Achievement of attainment targets is evaluated according to the Graduate School of Education's evaluation guidelines.
Course Requirements None in particular
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) Students should read in advance--and later review--the suggested reference texts and articles,
distributed materials, and literature relating to their own specialization.
Textbooks Textbooks/References None
References, etc. To be outlined in class