Global Frontier in Life Science A

Numbering Code G-BIO11 51018 LE68 Year/Term 2022 ・ First semester
Number of Credits 2 Course Type Lecture
Target Year Master's students Target Student
Language English Day/Period Wed.2
Instructor name KAKIZUKA AKIRA (Graduate School of Biostudies Professor)
OH, Tan (Graduate School of Biostudies Visiting Associate Professor)
GERLE, Christoph (Part-time Lecturer)
WOLTJEN,KNUT (Center for iPS Cell Research and Application Associate Professor)
IMAMURA HIROMI (Graduate School of Biostudies Associate Professor)
SUZUKI TAKAYOSHI (Part-time Lecturer)
KONDO TAKEFUMI (Graduate School of Biostudies Program-Specific Senior Lecturer)
YAMANO TAKASHI (Graduate School of Biostudies Associate Professor)
HATTORI YUKAKO (Graduate School of Biostudies Assistant Professor)
OKAMOTO KOJI (Part-time Lecturer)
SUGIMURA KAORU (Part-time Lecturer)
Outline and Purpose of the Course Lectures in "Global Frontiers in Life Science A." will be held in English, and aim to provide basic and fundamental concepts, and knowledge in several different research fields in life sciences. Lecturers are mostly young scientists, who have recently started his or her own researches as lab heads in Kyoto University. In addition, the lecturers will provide their experience such as how they have found enthusiasm in life science research. The discussions will be chaired by Dr. Hiromi Imamura in all lectures.
Course Goals After completing this course, students will:
・understand a broad range of basic biological phenomena and their molecular basis.
・understand advanced analytical techniques in biological fields.
・be able to set up appropriate experiments by logical thinking.
・be able to logically analyze experimental data.
・be able to explain or transfer the significance of the data.
Schedule and Contents 4/13: Christoph Gerle (Riken, Researcher)
   Introduction to Structural Membrane Biology.
4/20: Dan Ohtan Wang (RIKEN DBR, Team Leader/Kyoto university, Associate professor)
4/27: Su-Yi Tsai (NTU, Associate Professor)
   Using human pluripotent stem cells to study cardiac cell development and heart disease.
5/11: Takashi Yamato (Kyoto University, Associate Professor)
   Survival strategies of photosynthetic microorganisms by phase-separated organelles.
5/18: Hsinyu Lee (NTU, Professor)
   Roles of dixoin receptor on the tumorigenesis of neuroblastoma.
5/25: Yukako Hattori (Kyoto University, Assistant Professor)
   Animal Growth and Nutritional Environments.
6/ 1: Hsin-Hung Chou(NTU, Associate Professor)
   Seqomics - elucidating the sequence-function relationship of biomolecules.
6/ 8: Kaoru Sugimura (The University of Tokyo, Associate Professor)
   Cell and tissue mechanics
6/15: Shih-Kuo Chen (NTU, Associate Professor)
   In vivo study of Neuronal Activity in Animals.
6/22: Koji Okamoto (Osaka University, Associate Professor)
   Eating mitochondria for a better life.
6/29: Hiromi Imamura (Kyoto University, Associate professor)
   Fluorescent Proteins and Biosensors.
7/ 6: Takayoshi Suzuki (Osaka University, Professor)
   Chemical Control of Epigenetics.
7/13: Knut Woltjen (Kyoto University, Associate professor)
   Editing the genome of living cells and organisms.
7/20: Takefumi Kondo (Kyoto University, Assistant Professor)   
   Recent Advances of Single-cell Sequencing Technology.
7/27: Feedback.
Evaluation Methods and Policy Evaluation will be based on attendance, contents of discussion in the class, and reports comprehensively.
Further details will be announced in the first class.
Course Requirements Nothing in particular
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) Every after class, the attendants should prepare a report (homework) regarding issues related to the content of the class.
Textbooks Textbooks/References Nothing in particular
References, etc. Will be announced in the class.