1st AEARU Symposium on the Culture of Chinese Characters (The 17th Kyoto University International Symposium)

Opening / Welcome Address Junichi Mori (Vice President, Kyoto University, Japan)


December 15th to December 16th, 2011
Graduate School
The International Center
Japanese, English
Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall

December 15, 2011
1 Opening / Welcome Address Video
2 Modern Westernization and the Culture of Chinese Characters: The Foundation of East Asian Culture
Dr. Hiroshi MATSUMOTO (President, Kyoto University, Japan) Video
3 Chinese Characters and their Cultural Influence
Prof. Chao-Shiuan LIU (Chairman, The General Association of Chinese Culture) Video
4 The Standardization of Japanese Kanji
Prof. Tetsuji ATSUJI (Kyoto University, Japan) Video
5 Some Issues on Kanji (漢字) Reform in China
Prof. Yang SHEN (Peking University, China) Video
6 The Introduction of Chinese Characters into Korea: The Role of the Lelang Commander
Prof. Byung-Joon KIM (Seoul National University, Korea) Video
7 The Chinese Writing System in its Formative Stage: New Discoveries, New Researches, New Horizons
Dr. Kuan Yun HUANG (Tsing Hua University-Hsinchu, Taiwan) Video
8 Standardization of Chinese Characters for Computer Use in Hong Kong
Prof. Qin LU (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong) Video
9 Modernization and Traditional Culture: Focusing on Translation
Prof. Masakatsu FUJITA (Kyoto University, Japan) Video
10 Galileo’s Journey to the East: His Works and Instruments in the World of Chinese Characters
Prof. Kam-Wing FUNG (The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong) Video
11 Functions and Values of Chinese Characters within the East Asian Civilized Community
Prof. Shaodang YAN (Peking University, China) Video
12 Modern Medicine and Usage of Chinese Characters in Japan
Dr. Makoto Mark TAKETO (Kyoto University, Japan) Video
13 Western Understanding of Chinese Characters: The case of Matteo Ricci’s Xiguojifa 西國記法
Prof. Jung-Sam YUM (Seoul National University, Korea) Video
14 The Nature, Function and Reformation of Chinese Written Characters
Prof. Yulai ZHANG (Nanjing University, China) Video
15 Should we keep local languages and Chinese characters in top sciences? – A case of astrophysics
Dr. Hiroaki ISOBE (Kyoto University, Japan) Video


December 16, 2011
16 Chinese Language Processing
Prof. Key-Sun CHOI (KAIST, Korea) Video
17 Technical Term Translation
Prof. Maosong SUN (Tsinghua University, China) Video



Public Symposium: Chinese Character Education and Promoting the Culture of Chinese Characters in East Asia
Host: Kyoto University
Joint Sponsors: AEARU, The Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation, The Kyoto University Foundation, Yomiuri Shimbun


December 16, 2011
1 Welcome Address Video
2 The Vital Role Played by Chinese Characters in East Asia
Mr. Yuji MIYAMOTO (Chairman of Miyamoto Institute of Asian Research; Adviser of MOFA; Former Japanese Ambassador to China; Visiting Professor, The University of Tokyo; Board Member, The Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation (JKATF)) Video
3 The Increasing Interest in Chinese Characters in Japan
Prof. Hiroyuki SASAHARA (Waseda University, Japan; Councilor, The Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation (JKATF)) Video
4 Panel Discussion Video
5 Closing Speech
Prof. Akihiko AKAMATSU (Executive Vice-President for Student Affairs, Kyoto University) Video