Graduate School of Education 2020 Invited Lecture Series 9

Borrowing and Lending of “Educational Models” through International Cooperation: Cases of Japan’s Efforts to Promote “Knowledge Diplomacy” (Simultaneous interpretation) Yuto Kitamura (Associate Professor, Faculty of Human Development, Graduate School of Education, University of Tokyo)

2020 Invited Lecture Series
Toward Critical, Historical and Transnational Dialogues on Japanese “Model” of Education
Comparative education research has its origin to analyze ideas, systems, and practices of education in different societies/countries for the purpose of improving education in one’s own society/country. Today, in the era of globalization, it is particularly important for comparative education research to reveal how some societies/countries borrow and lend “educational models” each other. Globalization promotes both unification/standardization and division/diversification simultaneously, and it is essential for the field of comparative education to raise a question how such complex phenomena take place through educational borrowing and lending. In this lecture, I will discuss how educational borrowing and lending have been happening between developed countries and developing countries, by referring to cases of the EDU-Port Japan and some other programs. In my discussion, I will apply the notion of “knowledge diplomacy” to understand a nature of current forms of international educational cooperation between developed countries and developing countries.