Opening Symposium of Urban Policy Unit for Low-Carbon Society

Keynote Speech
“The role of urban transport policy in realising a low carbon society”
Prof. Anthony D. May (President of the World Conference on Transport Research Society; Professor of Transport Engineering, University of Leeds)


Course Description
The contents of the lecture are actions in Europe about the urban traffic policy laying emphasis on climate change.
Cities and urban transport face many problems such as peak oil, congestion, urban growth, casualties, pollution, noise, health and exclusion.
In the lecture, policies in order to solve the problems and the effects of the policies based on Europe’s experience are explained. The policies include the fields such as technology, land use planning, new infrastructure, management and services, information and awareness, and pricing.
In addition, it is emphasized that no one policy approach is sufficient alone but integrated policy packages approach is effective.
Also “a logical structure for transport policy formulation” included in the 2005 European Decision-Makers Guidebook is explained, which encourages a logical sequence for problem solving.