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Welcome to KYOTO-U's OpenCourseWare:

The Three Principles of Kyoto University

Advance the scholarship of mankind and contribute to the light of the earth. Scholarship is the antithesis of physical force. Each of the modern sciences is tied to scholarship.

Cultivating words both foreign and familiar, education is to be enjoyed together. Language is the key to the integration of knowledge. Education based on superior language does not stop at mere knowledge transfer.

Brilliance is not prideful; a university of both intelligence and fellowship. Among many measures of scholarship and morality, Those of our university fall broadly within these three.

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Daw Ayng San Suu Kyi
「Socio-Political Change in Recent Burma and Women's Participation in It」


We added a new function to the streaming of lectures.
Lecture videos is linked to power point files. If you select one of power point file you are interested in, you can move to the linked and lecture videl interactively.

The International Center Associate Prof. Shikiko KAWAKAMI "Introduction to Classical Japanese Literature"

Creative human :
From Eastern thinking to theoretical physics

Directed by Prof. Naoko Tosa

Philosopher of nothingness:
From ZEN Buddhism made Japanese philosophy

Directed by Prof. Naoko Tosa

International Conference

International conference - Organized by Kyoto University


Opencourse - Organized by Kyoto University

For translated courses: Japanese


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Message from President


Juichi Yamagiwa,
President of KYOTO University





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