Exp on Soil M & Ex

科目ナンバリング U-ENG23 33520 EE73 開講年度・開講期 2021 ・ 前期
単位数 2 単位 授業形態 演習
配当学年 対象学生
使用言語 英語 曜時限 水3・4
教員 岸田 潔 (工学研究科 教授)
渦岡 良介 (防災研究所 教授)
澤村 康生 (工学研究科 准教授)
高井 敦史 (地球環境学舎 准教授)
肥後 陽介 (工学研究科 教授)
PIPATPONGSA, Thirapong (工学研究科 准教授)
後藤 浩之 (防災研究所 准教授)
木戸 隆之祐 (工学研究科 助教)
澤田 茉伊 (工学研究科 助教)
宮﨑 祐輔 (工学研究科 助教)
上田 恭平 (防災研究所 助教)
授業の概要・目的 The purpose of this course is to teach students how to conduct laboratory experiments and in-situ tests in order to obtain engineering properties and mechanical parameters of soils which were studied in the soil mechanics courses.
到達目標 To help students deepen their understanding on concepts of soil mechanics and to develop their skills and experiences in fundamental experiments as well as collecting, analyzing and interpreting experimental data.
授業計画と内容 Introduction and orientation, 1 time,

Physical properties of soils, 1 time, Soil structure, engineering classification of soils, consistency Limits, grain size distribution

Compaction test, 1 time, Laboratory compaction tests, factors affecting compaction

Hydraulic conductivity test and particle size distribution test, 2 times, Permeability and seepage, Darcy's law, Hydraulic gradient, determination of hydraulic conductivity, flow net analysis, Sieve analysis for determining the particle size distribution curve

Consolidation test, 1 time, Fundamentals of consolidation, laboratory tests, settlement-time relationship

Uniaxial compression test, 1 time, Stress-strain and strength behavior of clays

Direct shear test, 1 time, Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion, laboratory tests for shear strength determination

Sounding methods, 0.5 time, N-values of standard penetration test and elastic wave exploration

Centrifuge model test, 0.5, Experiments using the similitude law of centrifuge test

Shaking table test, 1 time, Experiments using the shaking table test on dynamic behaviors of soils and foundations

Computer exercise and numerical analysis, 2 times, Fundamentals of math and physics for geotechnical engineering

Special lecture, 1 time, Special lecture on soil mechanics

Exercise, 1 time, Practical applications of laboratory testing data

Class feedback, 1 time, Confirmation of understanding
成績評価の方法・観点 Students are expected to conduct all experiments. Full attendance to laboratories and submission of all reports are compulsory.
履修要件 Soil mechanics I and exercises. It is recommended to take soil mechanics II and exercises in parallel.
授業外学習(予習・復習)等 It is recommended to read test procedure beforehand.
教科書 Soil Mechanics I & II Tutorial Exercises and Soil Mechanics Laboratory Manual
Handouts will be distributed
参考書等 Soil Mechanics Laboratory Manual, Braja M. Das, (Oxford University Press), ISBN:9780190209667
Introduction to Soil Mechanics Laboratory Testing, Dante Fratta et al., (CRC Press), ISBN:9781420045628
土質試験:基本と手引き, , (地盤工学会), ISBN:9784886440846
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Dante Fratta et al., “Introduction to Soil Mechanics Laboratory Testing”, CRC Press isbn{}{9781420045628}
土質試験:基本と手引き,地盤工学会 isbn{}{9784886440846}
土質試験の方法と解説,地盤工学会 isbn{}{4886440584}
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