Principles of Horticulture-E2

科目ナンバリング U-LAS14 20053 LE68 開講年度・開講期 2021 ・ 後期
単位数 2 単位 授業形態 講義
配当学年 主として1・2回生 対象学生 理系向
使用言語 英語 曜時限 水3
教員 Garry John PILLER (農学研究科 准教授)
授業の概要・目的 This course is a broad introduction to the science and technology underlying the use and production of horticultural crops (fruits, vegetables, flowers, and landscape plants). It includes the structure; growth, development and manipulation of horticultural plants; environmental influences; the basic principles of propagation, outdoor and greenhouse production; and pest control.
到達目標 Upon successful completion of this course students will:
・ Be able to use basic horticultural vocabulary to describe and define horticultural management activities.
・ Demonstrate a working knowledge of growth and development patterns of horticultural crops, and responses to environmental variables.
・ Be able to access and understand basic research on horticultural crops.
授業計画と内容 Course Schedule
1. Introduction/ History
2. Plant Structure & Genotype
3. Flowers & Fruits
4. Propagation
5. Light
6. Temperature
7. Water
8. Soils & Soil Management
9. Mineral Nutrition
10. Plant Hormones
11. Directing Plant Growth
12. Pest & Disease Management
13. Greenhouse Production
14. Post Harvest Handling
15. End Exam
16. Feedback
成績評価の方法・観点 Grading: Class attendance, active participation land listening quizzes (20%), weekly quizzes based on assigned pre-class reading materials (30%), in-class group presentation (20%), and final exam (30%).
履修要件 特になし
授業外学習(予習・復習)等 Students should read or listen to the required pre-class materials and submit any required assignment before the class, and come to class ready to participate in class activities.Typically, this will entail listening to a short video or podcast (10 min. or less), as well as reading a 2 or 3 page handout and be prepared to write answers to 1 or 2 questions about the reading material in the following class (15 to 20 minutes provided in class).
参考書等 Handouts and supplemental readings will be distributed electronically and/or as a hard copy in class.