科目ナンバリング G-LET49 8M631 PE36 開講年度・開講期 2021 ・ 後期
単位数 1 単位 授業形態 実習
配当学年 対象学生
使用言語 英語 曜時限 木1
教員 Tao PAN (文学研究科 特定講師)
授業の概要・目的 Academic English writing skill belongs to the most demanded skills for the undergraduate and graduate students in all majors nowadays. Academic English writing is communicative as well as objective, which means that it is fact-based and free from personal pre-conceptions or opinions. In order to help the students prepare themselves for the writing samples and proposals for graduate or doctoral programmes, this course will introduce the guidelines for and specific procedures of academic English writing.
到達目標 This course aims at improving the students’ academic English writing skill and facilitate their preparation of the writing samples and proposals later.
授業計画と内容 This course is scheduled for 15 weeks and consists of four parts: Part I Basics of academic writing (Week 1-5); Part II Structure of the essay (Week 6-8); Part III Reading and secondary literature (Week 9-12); Part IV Tips and skills for better writing (Week 13-15). Every part is accompanied by the corresponding reading and writing exercises. Focuses include:
Research question and thesis statement
Structuring argument
Structuring information
Structuring paragraphs
Reading strategy
Integrating sources (summary, review and critique)
Language styles (first person, active or passive)
Reference and format
Edit and revise (spelling and typos)
成績評価の方法・観点 Assessment will be based on class performance (50%) and final assignment (50%).
履修要件 Basic knowledge of English (e.g. completion of College English) is required.
授業外学習(予習・復習)等 Preparation of reading materials to be discussed and analysed in class. Occasional writing assignments are expected.