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International Development and Management Policy


Numbering Code
  • G-GAIS00 54036 LB42
  • G-GAIS00 54036 LB44
Term 2020/First semester
Number of Credits 2 credits
Course Type Lecture
Target Year From 1st to 3rd year students
Target Student Graduate
Language Japanese and English
Day/Period Tue.3
  • Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability, Program-Specific Professor TAKASHIMA HIROAKI
  • Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability, Associate Professor SEKIYAMA TAKASHI
Outline and Purpose of the Course With the progress of globalization and rapid technological innovation, the international society as well as Japan are undergoing significant change and face various challenges. The world poverty problem has been steadily improving in recent years, but the gap and inequality is growing at home and abroad, and the international community is working on SDGs for a sustainable society of “no one left behind.” This course focuses on “International Development” from global policy issues and outlines its historical background, current situation, future direction, etc. with incorporating policy and management perspectives. Students are required to make short presentations and discussions in each class and set one theme throughout the lecture, and present it as a final presentation. It is hoped that this lecture will broaden the perspective of future leaders working on global issues.
Course Goals 1) understand the policy framework, key actors, current situation/issues and future directions of international development
2) be able to express their own thoughts and opinions on development.
Schedule and Contents Lectures are given on the following schedule. Each class will include students’ brief presentations and discussions, and its schedule will be changed as appropriate depending on the progress of the lectures. Each student will compile one presentation throughout the lecture, make two interim reports and a final report.

1) Introduction and setting presentation issues (Sekiyama, Takashima)
2) -4) Current situation and issues in developing countries (Takashima)
5) Student Intermediate Progress Presentation 1 (Takashima)
6)-7) History of International Development and Development Strategy (Takashima)
8)-9) International Development Actors and Business Management (Takashima)
10) Student Intermediate Progress Presentation 2 (Takashima)
11)-13) Development Assistance Practices and Evaluations (Takashima)
14) Changing Development Assistance (Takashima)
15) Student Final Presentation and Summary (Sekiyama, Takashima)
Grading Policy Evaluation is based on attendance / contribution degree and presentation in the class.
Prerequisites None
Preparation and Review Expanding interest on international issues in everyday life.