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Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability


Introduction to Advanced and Integrated Studies in Human Survivability
International Economics: Application to Emerging Economies
Firms and Industrial Organization in Japan
Economic Analysis of Industrial Organization
Information and Intellectual Property
Introduction to Information Security
Economic Integration in Europe and East Asia
International Comparison of Corporate Governance
Topics in Cognitive Neuroscience
Philosophy of Mind: East & West
Psychological measurement
Sustainable Development and the Energy Transition
Buddhism Across Asian Civilisations
Resilience in Human, Social and Ecological Systems and Sustainability
Earth, the Water Planet
Advanced Studies Harmonizing Disaster Management and Environmental Conservation
Social Design for Environment
Emergency Management
Quantum Radiation Energy, Advanced
Health Informatics Ⅰ
Drug Development, Evaluation and Regulatory Sciences
Field Medicine
Introduction to Self-defense mechanisms
Information Technology and Society
Information Analysis and Management
Modeling and Problem-Solving of Complex Systems
Design System
Communication between science and public
Humanity in the universe
Information System Design
Global Survivability Risk Management
Human Spaceology: The Study of Human Space Activities
Drug Policy and Regulation
Space Medicine The Study of the effects on human during space staying
Mathematical Statistics-Data Science1-
Science of complex systems-Data Science2-
Oriental History (Special Lectures)
Philosophy and History of Science (Special Lectures)
Public Finance
Financial Accounting
Cultural Practice I (Chado: The way of tea)
Cultural Practice II
Introduction to Operations Research
Energy Finance
Risk Management
Global Communication I
Global Communication II
Oriental History (Lectures)
Imaging Art, Culture and Science
International Development and Management Policy
Wisdom by information
Global leadership program and Blue Ocean Strategy
Law and Sustainable Development
Global Environmental Politics
Central Bank and Monetary Policy
Financial System and Prudential Policy
Philosophy in the Anthropocene
Special lectures and discussion for leadership (Juku-gi)II
Special Research Seminar II (Including Overseas Internships)
Service LearningA
Service LearningB
Special Research Project I
Special Research Project II
Special Research Project III
Special Research Seminar I
Special Research Seminar II
Overseas Internship and Project-based Research (PBR)
Human Survivability Studies I
Human Survivability Studies II