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Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies


Academic Writing Strategies
Internship ProgramⅠ
Internship ProgramⅡ
Greening Chemistry and Industry
Frontier of Sustainability Science
Kyoto Style Environmental Education -Basic knowledge and practices
Studies of Human and Environmental Symbiosis
Global Environmental Architecture
Conservation Biology
Evaluation Methodology in Advanced Energy System
Community Power Projects and Related Careers
Regional Planning and Land Management
Global Environmental Engineering
Global Environmental Policy and Economics
Global Environmental Economics
Management of Global Resources and Ecosystems
Atmospheric Chemistry
Qualitative Research Methods and Analysis
Sustainable Rural Development
Integrated Approaches for Sustainable Development
New Environmental Engineering I, Advanced
New Environmental Engineering II, Advanced
Landscape Ecology and Planning
Environment and Society in Southeast Asia
Historical Geography
Climate Change ? The Future for People and Planet
Sustainable Climate Economics and Politics
Integrated Watershed and Coastal Management
Watershed Water Environment Management
Ontology of Environment and Technology
Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Design Research
Environmental Marketing Management
Seminar in Environmental Management A
Seminar in Environmental Management B
Environmental Leadership A
Environmental Ethics and Environmental Education
Environmental Health Sciences
Advanced Environmental Engineering Lab.
Information Processing for Environmental Management
Environmental Economics
Environmentally-Friendly Energy Conversion
Biogeochemistry I
Biogeochemistry II
Migration and Displacement in Developing Nations
Environmental Infrastructure Engineering
Research Methods in Social Science
Urban Infrastructure Engineering
Vegetation Conservation in Human Ecosystem
Regeneration of Woodland in Countryside
Economic Analysis of Disaster Risk Management
Terrestrial Ecology
Terrestrial Ecosystems Management (Japanese)
Terrestrial Ecosystems Management (English)