Seminar of Practice in Architectural Environmental

Numbering Code U-ENG24 44023 SJ74 Year/Term 2021 ・ First semester
Number of Credits 2 Course Type Seminar
Target Year Target Student
Language Japanese Day/Period Wed.1・2
Instructor name TAKANO YASUSHI (Graduate School of Engineering Professor)
HARADA KAZUNORI (Graduate School of Engineering Professor)
OGURA DAISUKE (Graduate School of Engineering Professor)
ISHIDA TAIICHIROU (Graduate School of Engineering Associate Professor)
OOTANI MAKOTO (Graduate School of Engineering Associate Professor)
IBA CHIEMI (Graduate School of Engineering Associate Professor)
NISHINO TOMOAKI (Disaster Prevention Research Institute Associate Professor)
NII DAISAKU (Graduate School of Engineering Assistant Professor)
TAKATORI NOBUMITSU (Graduate School of Engineering Assistant Professor)
Outline and Purpose of the Course This course is provided to enhance global understanding of the contents lectured in Environmental Engineering in Architecture 1&2, and to develop capability in applying the knowledge to real projects. For each topic, examples of design problems are supplied. The participants are to solve the problems by their own skills while interacting with lectures.
Course Goals The goal is to make global understanding of the technical elements in environmental engineering in architecture and their mutual relationships. Corresponding goals for education of department are; A: global capability, A2: Capability in understanding the value of architecture in multiple measures, C: Practical skills, C1: Capability in Realize Building Projects.
Schedule and Contents Heat transfer and vapor condensation [3 weeks]

Air-conditioning system [3 weeks]

Building acoustics [3 weeks]
(1) Sound levels, frequency characteristics and 1/3 octave bands, dB summations, sound attenuation by distance, noise reduction by barriers
(2) Transmission loss, sound insulation, frequency analysis and evaluation
(3) Reverberation time calculation, acoustical design of optimum reverberation time

lighting and color [1 week]

Sunshine and daylighting [1 week]

ventilation and smoke control for evacuation [2 weeks]
(1) Basic subjects on ventilation design such as Velnouille’s formula, pressure difference, friction coefficients, wind pressure coefficients, neutral plane height.
(2) Smoke control design for escape from fire in a building,

Site visit [1 week]
Site visit are to be planned to introduce design and construction of environmental control systems of real building projects.

Feedback [1 week]
Evaluation Methods and Policy Score is evaluated based on reports and participation.
Course Requirements The participants are required to study Environmental engineering in Architecture I (U-ENG24 24009 LJ74) and II (U-ENG24 24010 LJ74) prior to join this course. In addition, the knowledge on Building equipment system (U-ENG24 34018 LJ74), Urban Environment Engineering (U-ENG24 34052 LJ74), Lighting and Acoustics in Architecture (U-ENG24 34032 LJ74), Thermal Environment Design of Architecture (U-ENG24 34060 LJ74) is desirable.
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) Use textbooks, practice sheet for preparation and review.
Textbooks Textbooks/References None specified. Practice sheet will be provided during the course.
References, etc. Textbooks and notebooks on the courses specified above are necessary for exercise. Function calculator must be provided by participants themselves.
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