6959002 European History

Numbering Code U-LET26 26959 LJ36 Year/Term 2021 ・ Second semester
Number of Credits 2 Course Type reading
Target Year Target Student
Language Japanese Day/Period Wed.4
Instructor name MURASE YUUJI (Graduate School of Letters Associate Professor)
Outline and Purpose of the Course In this course, we read closely chapter 8: "Guelfi e Ghibellini, nobili e popolani" of Luigi Salvatorelli's "Sommario della storia d'Italia, which gives an overview of the history of Italy.
 The purpose of this course is to develop reading comprehension. The text is written in a clear Italian prose, and by reading it closely, you will be able to effectively develop your reading comprehension of Italian texts.
Course Goals To acquire sufficient reading comprehension to understand Italian texts on your own.
To acquire basic knowledge of Italian history.
Schedule and Contents Week 1: Introduction

Weeks 2-14: Students read the text and check points of grammar as necessary. The course will emphasize accuracy in reading, according to students’ grammatical knowledge.

Week 15: Feedback
Evaluation Methods and Policy Students will be evaluated through quizzes conducted in each class.
Course Requirements An understanding of basic Italian grammar.
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) Preparation is everything in this course. Please not only look up the meanings of individual words but also try to understand the content of the textbook.
Textbooks Textbooks/References Printouts will be distributed.