1431004 Chinese Language and Literature

Numbering Code U-LET11 21431 LJ36 Year/Term 2021 ・ Second semester
Number of Credits 2 Course Type special lecture
Target Year Target Student
Language Japanese Day/Period Tue.2
Instructor name MICHISAKA AKIHIRO (Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies Professor)
Outline and Purpose of the Course The purpose of this course is to understand the sudden rise of poetry in the Tang Dynasty and how it found its place in Chinese literary history, and the features thereof, through analytical reading of written works. In this course, we shall deal not only with poetry written in China, but poetry written in Japan, from the perspective of ancient East Asian literature. In particular, we shall deal with poetry from the Nara to Heian periods.
Course Goals Poetry is the main genre of Chinese literary prose. Through reading comprehension, it is possible to deepen your understanding of the connections between Chinese literature and the society of the time. Furthermore, by reading poetry written in Chinese in Japan, it is possible to specifically understand how it spread throughout the East Asian world.
Schedule and Contents No. 1: Outline of poetry
No. 2: Styles of poetry (Pianwen and ancient writing)
No. 3: Uses of poetry, poetry venues
No. 4: Selection of works 1 - Middle Tang 1
No. 5: Selection of works 2 - Middle Tang 2
No. 6: Selection of works 3 - Middle Tang 3
No. 7: Selection of works 4 - Heian Period poetry
No. 8: Features of Middle Tang poetry
No. 9: Selection of works 5 - Late Tang 1
No. 10: Selection of works 6 - Late Tang 2
No. 11: Selection of works 7 - Late Tang 3
No. 12: Features of Late Tang poetry
No. 13: Role of poetry and how it changed
No. 14: Outline of post-Tang poetry
No. 15: Conclusion - Poetry venues and poetry
Evaluation Methods and Policy Evaluated based upon speaking in class and papers.
Course Requirements Basic reading comprehension of Chinese classical literature required.
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) Acquire basic knowledge of Chinese prose literary style
Textbooks Textbooks/References Other, will distribute printouts.
References, etc. Torau Suzuki, 『駢文史序説』 (Kembun Shuppan) ISBN:987-4-87636-270-7, Hiroshi Kozen, 『中国詩文の美学』 (Sobunsha) ISBN:978-4-423-19420-1