Japanese Popular Culture II-E2

Numbering Code U-LAS01 20019 LE38 Year/Term 2021 ・ Second semester
Number of Credits 2 Course Type Lecture
Target Year Mainly 1st & 2nd year students Target Student For all majors
Language English Day/Period Tue.2
Instructor name MURPHY, Mahon (Graduate School of Law Associate Professor)
Outline and Purpose of the Course The phenomenon of ‘Cool Japan’ is one of the distinctive features of modern global pop culture. This lecture series will discuss the development of this phenomenon from the American occupation to the present day. The Post-War Period witness another ‘opening’ of Japan and the globalization of Japanese popular culture. Combining high politics with music, sport, film, magazines and comics this lecture series will discuss Japanese popular culture as shaped by domestic and international counter-culture trends. This course will be suitable for both students who have a deep understanding of Japanese culture and those who are new comers.
Course Goals Students will obtain a working knowledge of the history of the modern world and will be able to demonstrate this through essays and discussion.
Schedule and Contents The course will develop as follows:

1. Introduction Lecture: Popular Culture in the Modern World
2. Give me Choco, Give me gum: The American Occupation
3. Japanese Film in the Atomic Age.
4. TV, Professional Wrestling, and post-war Japan.
5. Learning to Gamble: Pachinko
6. Student Demonstrations in the 1960s
7. Beatlemania and Budokan: Rock’n’Roll hits Japan
8. Visualising Popular Culture: the Manga Boom
9. Popular culture goes international: Anime
10. Nintendo takes over America: Video Games in the 1980s
11. Anti-Japanese movements in the USA
12. Dreaming of Sushi: Food as culture
13. Creating a Pop Culture Super Power:‘Cool Japan’
14. Review Lecture
15. Exam
16. Feedback

Total:14 classes and 1 feedback
Evaluation Methods and Policy Evaluation will be based on the following:
Active participation in class 20%.
Mid term essay 30%.
End of Term Exam 50%.
- Those who are absent from four classes or more will not pass.
- Students have to submit the mid term essay.
Course Requirements None
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) Students will receive a reading and questions every week to prepare for class.