Intermediate Japanese II (Composition)

Numbering Code U-LAS29 20015 SJ48 Year/Term 2021 ・ First semester
Number of Credits 2 Course Type Seminar (Foreign language)
Target Year All students Target Student International students
Language Japanese Day/Period Fri.2
Instructor name FUJII RYOKO (Part-time Lecturer)
Outline and Purpose of the Course 日常的な話題にとどまらず、文化や社会など幅広いテーマについて、的確な説得力のある文章を作る能力を身につける。

To acquire the ability to produce clearly-organized and convincing text not only on topics about everyday life but also those dealing with a wide variety of themes,including culture and society.
Course Goals ・書き言葉を用いて、正確に書くことができる。
Course goals are as follows:
To be able to use written Japanese capably and accurately.
To organize the structure of your writing and present information in an organized manner.
To express your opinion and provide justification.
Schedule and Contents 1 コースの紹介、 書きことばで書く 
2 正確にわかりやすく書く      課題1 自分の体験
3 正確にわかりやすく書く      課題1 フィードバック 
4 文章のアウトラインを作る    課題2 文化の紹介
5 文章のアウトラインを作る    課題2 フィードバック 
6 身近な問題について考察する   課題3 身近な問題
7 身近な問題について考察する   課題3 フィードバック
8 引用して意見を述べる      課題4 社会的な話題
9 引用して意見を述べる      課題4 フィードバック  
10 データを使って変化を説明する   課題5 変化について
11 データを使って変化を説明する   課題5 フィードバック   
12 根拠に基づき意見を述べる   最終課題 テーマを決める
13 根拠に基づき、意見を述べる  最終課題 アウトラインを作る
14 根拠に基づき、意見を述べる  最終課題 レポートに用いられる表現
15 今学期の復習   


1 Introduction to the course. To use written Japanese 
2 To write correctly.  (essay1:experience)  
3 To write correctly.  Feed back essay1
4 To make the outline of text. (essay2:culture)  
5 To make the outline of text.  Feed back essay2
6 To think about everyday issues. (essay3:everyday issues)
7 To think about everyday issues. Feed back essay3
8 To cite and express one's view. (essay4:social matter  )
9 To cite and express one's view. Feed back essay4
10 To use data and explain changes.(essay5:change)
11 To use data and explain changes. Feed back essay5
12 To express one's opinion and provide justification.
Introduction to the final essay.
13 To express one's opinion and provide justification.
To make the outline of the final essay.
14 To express one's opinion and provide justification.
To use the expressions of the report.
15 Term review     

To permute learning and change essay subject depending on understanding of students.
Evaluation Methods and Policy ・「参加態度」30%、と「提出課題」70%で評価する。

・The student’s final grade will be based on 1) in-class participation (30%), and 2) assignments (70%).
・Details of the grading method and evaluation criteria will be provided in class.
・Students who are absent from 1/3 or more of the total number of class sessions will not be evaluated.
Course Requirements 「全学共通科目履修の手引き」を参照。

Refer to the Handbook of Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses.
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) 配布されたワークシートを予習する。

Students are expected to do the worksheets as preparation for class.
Students will write a composition (essay) at home based on the classwork and hand it in according to the schedule.
Textbooks Textbooks/References 必要に応じてプリントを配布する。

Handouts will be distributed as necessary.