English Reading

Numbering Code U-LAS20 10001 SB48 Year/Term 2021 ・ First semester
Number of Credits 2 Course Type Seminar (Foreign language)
Target Year 1st year students Target Student For all majors
Language English Day/Period Mon.4
Instructor name KINOSHITA YUKIKO (Part-time Lecturer)
Outline and Purpose of the Course The objectives of this course are as follows: students' commitment to class will help them 1) to become competent readers of English who are able to grasp not only the outline but also the chief message(s) of a given/chosen text; 2) to improve communication skills of English; 3) to acquire self-confidence necessary to read through and interpret substantial English texts, with the understanding that critical reading provides them with a powerful means for their intellectual explorations; 4) to expand their social, cultural and moral perspectives.

The course encourages students to read through an authentic English fictional work. By fulfilling activities and tasks which the course requires, students will learn to grasp the plot, the characters, their situations and the theme(s) of the text, and express their responses to the text in English. Students are encouraged to read and think a lot. The class begins with the understanding of the plot, the characters and their situations, and moves on to the discussion about the themes of the work.
Course Goals Through committing themselves to the critical reading of the text, they are expected to improve not only reading skills but also overall communication skills of English--they will be able to acquire skills to grasp and respond to the text intellectually, organize their ideas and express them effectively in English. They are also expected to learn social and cultural issues which the text addresses, and to apply their learning to their deeper understanding of issues which their own society faces.
Schedule and Contents Course Description
The class deals with George Orwell's Animal Farm and his selected essays. One class discusses one chapters (about 10 pages). The focus of each class is on the plot (who appears and what happens in each chapter), the characters, their situations, and the themes which the text explores. A reading comprehension quiz is given at the beginning of each class: the quiz is intended to help students to comprehend the text. Students are expected to complete the worksheet and submit it to the instructor. The submitted worksheet is to be checked, marked and returned to them. Preparation for each class is required: students are expected to read the assigned chapters prior to class, and be ready for in-class discussion. All class activities are to be conducted in English.

Work Schedule: liable to some minor adjustments and changes
(The numbers 1-16 below refer to the classes of the course.)

1. Introduction to the course and the text
2. Reading and discussing Chapter 1
3. Reading and discussing Chapter 2
4. Reading and discussing Chapter 3
5. Reading and discussing Chapter 4
6. Reading and discussing Chapter 5
7. Reading and discussing Chapter 6
8. Reading and discussing Chapter 7
9. Reading and discussing Chapter 8
10. Reading and discussing Chapter 9
11. Reading and discussing Chapter 10
12. A review
13. Reading and discussing Orwell's selected essay (1)
14. Reading and discussing Orwell's selected essay (2)
15. the end-of-semester exam
16. Feedback
Evaluation Methods and Policy Students automatically lose their credits with more than five absences from class.(5回以上欠席した場合は成績評価の対象としない)

commitment to class and in-class performance (evaluated by students' responses to the quiz given and submitted to the instructor at the end of each class, and by their responses to the instructor's questions in class): 60%
the end-of-semester exam: 40%
Course Requirements Refer to "Handbook of Liberal Arts and General Education Courses".
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) 1) Students need to secure at least 2-3 hours per week for the preparation and review of each class. This means that students are expected to read the assigned pages and grasp the plot, the characters, and the main points of the chapters before attending the class.
2) Please understand that preparation for class is absolutely necessary for effective learning. All class activities are to be done in English, and students are expected to be active participants in class discussions.
3) A reading comprehension quiz is given at the beginning of each class: students' commitment and general performance are largely judged by the achievement levels reflected in their responses to the quiz.
Textbooks Textbooks/References Animal Farm: A Fairy Story, George Orwell, (Penguin Books), ISBN:0 140 27873 7
The photocopied texts of Orwell's essays are to be distributed in class.