Intermediate Japanese I (8H course)

Numbering Code U-LAS29 20003 SJ48 Year/Term 2021 ・ First semester
Number of Credits 8 Course Type Seminar (Foreign language)
Target Year All students Target Student International students
Language Japanese Day/Period Tue.3・4・Thu.3・4
Instructor name KAWAI JUNKO (Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences Professor)
MIHARA CHIKA (Part-time Lecturer)
SUZUKI MIWAKO (Part-time Lecturer)
Outline and Purpose of the Course 日本語中級I(8Hコース)は「話す・聞く・読む・書く」の四技能を総合的に向上させながら、初級で学んだことを応用し、中級前半から中級後半へとつながる日本語能力を養うことを目的としている。


This is an integrated course offered as a sequence of 4 class sessions per week designed for students who have completed Elementary Japanese. The purpose of the course is for students to develop their overall Japanese language skills at the lower intermediate level, focusing on conversation, listening, reading, and writing. Students will also reinforce the skills learned at the elementary level so they can be put to practical use.

Each week we will (1) introduce new grammatical points, (2) practice sentence structure drills, (3) improve conversation and listening comprehension, and (4) practice reading and composition.

Course Goals ・初級で学んだ語彙・文型を使って、聞く、話す、読む、書くことが自由にできるようになる。
・日本語能力試験N3レベル/CEFR B1に相当するレベルを達成する。

・To be able to listen to and engage in conversation with ease, and read and write effectively by applying the grammar and vocabulary learned at the elementary level.
・To be able to understand long sentences at the intermediate level.
・To be able to clearly express one’s opinions on general issues and provide justification for them.
・To attain a level of proficiency equivalent to the JLPT N3 or CEFR B1 levels.
Schedule and Contents ・日本語中級I8Hコースは、以下の4クラスから構成されている。
木曜日3限  文法の導入 担当:鈴木
木曜日4限  文型練習  担当:鈴木
火曜日3限  読解・作文 担当:河合
火曜日4限  会話・聴解 担当:三原

・『みんなの日本語 中級本冊I』を一週間に1課ずつ学習していく。授業計画は以下の通りである。
第1週~第4週    初級の復習、導入 第1課~第4課 
第5週        復習、小テスト①
第6週~第9週    第5課~第8課
第10週       復習、小テスト②
第11週~第13週  第9課~第11課 
第14週       第12課、復習、小テスト③
第15週       期末テスト
第16週       フィードバック

Intermediate Japanese I (8H course) is comprised of the following four classes.
Thursday, 3rd period Grammar and practice exercises (Instructor:Suzuki)
Thursday, 4th period Grammar and practice exercises (Suzuki)
Tuesday, 3rd period Reading, writing and comprehensive practice (Kawai)
Tuesday, 4th period Conversation and listening (Mihara)

We will use Minna no Nihongo: Intermediate Level 1 as our main textbook, and cover one lesson each week.
The course schedule is as follows.
Weeks 1-4 Orientation, Review of elementary Japanese, L.1-L.4
Week 5 Review, Test (L.1-L.4)
Weeks 6-9 L.5-L.8
Week 10 Review, Test (L.5-L.8)
Weeks 11-13 L.9-L.11
Week 14 L.12, Review, Test (L.9-L.12)
Week 15 Final Exam (L.1-L.12)
Week 16 Feedback
Evaluation Methods and Policy ・「参加態度」30%、「4課ごとの小テスト①~③、期末試験」70%で評価する。

・The student’s final grade will be based on 1) in-class participation (30%), and 2) three tests and a final exam (70%).
・Details of the grading method and evaluation criteria will be provided in class.
・Students who are absent from 1/3 or more of the total 15 sessions of each class will not be evaluated.
Course Requirements 「全学共通科目履修の手引き」を参照。
Refer to the Handbook of Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses.
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) ・各課のはじめに単語クイズを行うので、予習してくること。

・A vocabulary quiz will be administered at the beginning of each class so be sure to review the vocabulary before coming to class.
・Students are required to practice and review vocabulary and expressions they have studied in class every week.
Textbooks Textbooks/References みんなの日本語 中級I 本冊(Minna no Nihongo Intermediate I Main Text), , (スリーエーネットワーク(3A Corporation)), ISBN:978-4-88319-468-1
References, etc. みんなの日本語 中級I 文法解説(英語)Minna no Nihongo Chukyu I Honyaku ・ Bunpo Kaisetsu (Translation & Grammatical Notes) , , (スリーエーネットワーク(3A Corporation)), ISBN:978-4-88319-492-6
日本語能力試験問題集N3聴解スピードマスター Japanese-Language Proficiency Test  Mondaishu N3 Speed master , , (Jリサーチ出版(J Research Shuppan)), ISBN:978-4863920354