Revisiting Basic Organic Chemistry I-E2

Numbering Code U-LAS13 10025 LE60 Year/Term 2021 ・ Second semester
Number of Credits 2 Course Type Lecture
Target Year Mainly 2nd year students Target Student For science students
Language English Day/Period Thu.4
Instructor name LANDENBERGER, Kira Beth (Graduate School of Engineering Senior Lecturer)
Outline and Purpose of the Course This course provides an opportunity for students to revisit material covered in the first semester of basic organic chemistry using English. The two purposes of this course are to ensure that students have a firm foundation in basic organic chemistry and to learn to proficiently apply these concepts in English. This course is beneficial for students who have already taken the first semester of basic organic chemistry or who have an interest in learning organic chemistry in English.
Course Goals This course aims to help students have good understanding of basic organic chemistry, particularly in regards to the fundamentals of chemical bonding, acid and base chemistry, stereochemistry, alkanes, alkenes, alkynes and select organic reactions.
Schedule and Contents The course will cover the following topics:

Introduction to Organic Chemistry
Structure and Bonding (Chapter 1)
Polar Covalent Bonds and Acids and Bases (Chapter 2)
Alkanes and Functional Groups (Chapter 3)
Conformation and Stereochemistry of Alkanes (Chapter 4)
Introduction to Organic Reactions (Chapter 6)
Alkenes and Alkynes (Chapter 7)

Each topic will be covered in approximately 1 to 3 weeks based upon the needs of the class.

A feedback session will take place one week after the final exam.
Evaluation Methods and Policy Class participation and attendance (20%), homework (10%), quizzes (30%), final exam (40%)
Course Requirements None
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) Students should complete assigned homework and turn it in by the prescribed due date (usually one week later).
Textbooks Textbooks/References Organic Chemistry with Biological Applications(2nd or 3rd Editions), John McMurry, (Cengage Learning), ISBN:9781285842912