Introduction to Biochemistry

Numbering Code U-LAS14 20025 LJ68 Year/Term 2021 ・ First semester
Number of Credits 2 Course Type Lecture
Target Year Mainly 1st & 2nd year students Target Student For science students
Language Japanese Day/Period Tue.4
Instructor name YOSHIMURA SHIGEHIRO (Graduate School of Biostudies Associate Professor)
KUMETA MASAHIRO (Graduate School of Biostudies Assistant Professor)
Outline and Purpose of the Course 生命科学、分子生物学、農学、薬学、医学を志す学生には必須の知識である生化学を基礎から学びます。細胞の代謝を支える生体分子の性質と、それらが関与する化学反応を、テーマごとに学習します。後半は、分子生物学の基礎であるDNAからタンパク質への遺伝情報の流れを学び、代謝との関連性をおさえながら生命活動の概要を理解します。

This is an introductory course of biochemistry, which is necessary for life science, molecular biology, agriculture, pharmacology and medicine. It covers most of the fundamental topics in biochemistry, such as
1. Structures of biomolecules
2. Chemical reactions which maintain and regulate cellular metabolism
3. Structure and function of DNA and protein
4. Interaction between genetic information and metabolic pathways

Course Goals 生体反応、生化学反応を分子レベルで理解できるようになる。

Understanding various biological reactions at the molecular level.
Understanding the overview of metabolism.
Understanding the basics of molecular biology and biochemistry based on molecular structures and architectures.
Schedule and Contents 以下のような課題について授業を行う予定である。

( 1)Biochemistry and its boundary area
( 2) Structure of biomolecules
( 3) Glycolysis
( 4) Glycolysis (2)
( 5) TCA cycle and oxidative phosphorylation
( 6) Fatty acids and their metabolism
( 7) Fatty acids and their metabolism (2)
( 8) amino acids and their metabolism
( 9) Structure of DNA
(10) flow of genetic information
(11) transcriptional regulation
(12) How protein works in a cell (1)
(13) How protein works in a cell (2)
(14) How protein works in a cell (3)
(15) Feedback
Evaluation Methods and Policy 授業内容に関する期末試験(筆記試験)100点満点
written exam (100%) on what is given in the class.
Course Requirements 高校で有機化学を履修していることが望ましい(生物学は必須ではない)。
High school organic chemistry, but no high school biology, is required.
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) 予習:特になし
Textbooks Textbooks/References 講義資料は、KULASISやPandA等を通して配布する。
References, etc. Biochemistry, D. Voet, (Wiley), 同著者、同タイトルであれば、どの版でも可
Biochemistry, G. ZUbay, (William C Brown Pub), 同著者、同タイトルであれば、どの版でも可
Biochemistry, L. Stryer, (W H Freeman & Co), 同著者、同タイトルであれば、どの版でも可
大学で学ぶ身近な生物学, 吉村成弘, (羊土社), ISBN:978-4-7581-2060-9, 日本語の入門書が希望ならこちら