Computer Simulation of Electrodynamics

Numbering Code G-ENG10 5C611 LE72 Year/Term 2021 ・ First semester
Number of Credits 2 Course Type Lecture
Target Year Target Student
Language English Day/Period Tue.5
Instructor name OOMURA YOSHIHARU (Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere Professor)
EBIHARA YUUSUKE (Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere Associate Professor)
Schedule and Contents Variables and Classification of Simulation Codes,1time,
Finite Difference Methods,1time,
Difference Form of Maxwell's Equation and Grid Assignment / Time Step Chart,1time,
Courant Condition,1time,
Electromagnetic Radiation from a Thin Current,1time,
Buneman-Boris Method for Equation of Motion (Relativistic Eqs.),1time,
Interporation of Electromagnetic Field,1time,
Computatin of Charge and Current Densities, Self-force Cancellation,1time,
Initilization of Particles and Fields,1time,
Renormalization and Diagnostics,1time,
Advection/Wave Equation for 1D Case (FTCS, Lax, Upwind and Lax-Wendroff Methods),1time,
von Neumann Stability Analysis,1time,
Limiter Function,1time,
Advection/Wave Equation for Multi-Dimensional Case,1time,
Vlasov Equation,1time,
Course Requirements Electrodynamics, Vector Analysis, Computer Language
References, etc. (1) H. Matsumoto and Y. Omura, Computer Space Plasma Physics: Simulation Techniques and Softwares, Terra Scientific, Tokyo, 1993. (2) H. Usui and Y. Omura, Advanced Methods for Space Simulations, Terra Pub, 2007.
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