Advanced Study in Physics C

Numbering Code G-SCI21 72303 SJ57 Year/Term 2021 ・ First semester
Number of Credits 4 Course Type special research
Target Year Master's students Target Student
Language Japanese Day/Period
Instructor name Supervisor (Graduate School of Science)
Outline and Purpose of the Course Develop the basic skills needed to write a master's thesis under the research guidance of each faculty advisor and aim to improve research skills. Write a master's thesis with the goal of completing the master's program.
Course Goals Students will have the opportunity to develop research skills such as the ability to make an appeal using originality, and the logic, structure, and expression that are required when writing a thesis.
Schedule and Contents The faculty advisor conducts individual exercises as needed, based on student progress. The faculty advisor will generally provide guidance on the following topics:
1. Reporting periodically on progress (around once per week)
2. Giving research presentations (around two or three times)
3. Summarizing and presenting research during the school term period in order to allow students to begin writing a master's thesis (final)
Course Requirements Nothing in particular.
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) This requires a willingness to seek out assignments with a spirit of "self-learning and self-study."
Textbooks Textbooks/References Provided during class
References, etc. Introduced during class