Practical Skills for Clinical Biostatisticians

Numbering Code P-PUB01 8H139 LJ90 Year/Term 2021 ・ First semester
Number of Credits 1 Course Type Practical training
Target Year Professional degree students Target Student
Language Japanese Day/Period Mon.5
Instructor name DOI MASAAKI (Graduate School of Medicine Associate Professor)
SATO TOSIYA (Graduate School of Medicine Professor)
YADA SHINJO (Graduate School of Medicine Program-Specific Senior Lecturer)
Omiya Masatomo (Graduate School of Medicine Program-Specific Assistant Professor)
Outline and Purpose of the Course Students will acquire the minimum knowledge of statistical programming required of clinical statisticians, and practice programming, simple aggregation, and analysis. This course will also prepare students for courses on programming in statistics that are offered in the second semester. We use SAS statistical software mainly, and R in some parts.
[Lectures and practicums using PowerPoint slides]
Course Goals By learning programming for statistical software, be learn how to:
・Create data sets suitable for analysis,
・Create simple aggregations and charts,
・Basic statistical analysis,
・The basics of analysis of periodic measurement data, and
・The basics of survival time analysis.
Schedule and Contents Session 1, April 13, Period 3: Introduction to SAS (Doi)
Session 2, April 20, Period 3: Calculation of basic statistics and creating simple charts (Doi)
Session 3, April 27, Period 3: Correlation and Regression (Doi)
Session 4, May 11, Period 3: Data Handling using SAS 1 (Doi)
Session 5, May 18, Period 3: Data Handling using SAS 2 (Doi)
Session 6, May 25, Period 3: SAS Practical (Omiya, Doi, Imai)
Session 7, June 1, Period 3: The t-Test and the Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test (Doi)
Session 8, June 8, Period 3: Calculating Ratios and Logistic Regression (Doi)
Session 9, June 15, Period 3: The General Linear Model (Doi)
Session 10, June 22, Period 3: Analysis of Temporal Data 1 (Doi)
Session 11, June 29, Period 3: Analysis of Temporal Data 2 (Doi)
Session 12, July 6 Period 3 Survival Analysis 1 (Doi)
Session 13, July 13th Period 3 Survival Analysis 2 (Doi)
Session 14, July 20 Period 3 Fundamentals in R (Doi, Omiya, Imai)
Evaluation Methods and Policy Class participation and reports.
Course Requirements ・This course is limited to students taking the Clinical Statistician Training course.
・Please bring a laptop with SAS and R installed to class.
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) Learning the program takes a considerable amount of time. This content is useful for courses in the second semester, so students are advised to take time to review and write many programs.
Textbooks Textbooks/References We do not use textbooks. However, it is strongly recommended that students purchase the reference books specified.
References, etc. Yohei Takanami, Nobuo Funao (2015), "統計解析ソフト 「SAS」" (Cutt Systems) ISBN:978-4-87783-503-3 [Designated Reference Book], purchase strongly recommended, Nobuo Funao (2016) "The R Tips 第3版: データ解析環境Rの基本技・グラフィックス活用集" (Ohm Co., Ltd.) ISBN: 978-4-274-21958-0, Ikuko Funatogawa and Takashi Funatogawa (2015) "経時データ解析" (Asakura Shoten) ISBN: 978-4254128550 * This also serves as reference material for "Statistical Models and their Applications." Yasuo Ohasi, Chikuma Hamada, Ryuji Uozumi (2016) "生存時間解析[応用編] SASによる生物統計" (University of Tokyo Press) ISBN: 978-4130623179 * This also serves as reference material for "Survival Time Analysis."