Special Seminar for Genetic Medicine

Numbering Code P-PUB01 8N017 LJ90 Year/Term 2021 ・ Intensive, First semester
Number of Credits 2 Course Type Lecture
Target Year Professional degree students Target Student
Language Japanese Day/Period Intensive
Instructor name KOSUGI SHINJI (Graduate School of Medicine Professor)
Outline and Purpose of the Course [Basic information]
Class date and time: Mainly in the first semester (please check the exact start date and time)
Classroom: First clinical auditorium
Level: Advanced
Staff in charge: Shinji Kosugi, Takahito Wada, Ken Nakajima, Takahiro Yamada, Masako Torishima, Akiko Yoshida

[Course overview]
Lectures designed to check the fundamentals of genetic counseling learned in the first year, and to acquire advanced knowledge at the same level as doctors.
Course Goals Having a complete understanding of the basics of human genetics, and being able to have an accurate discussion with doctors.
Schedule and Contents [1st lecture] 4/12 Monday 1st period [Kosugi] “Basics of Clinical Genetics and Genetic Counseling /Mendelian Genetics”
[2nd lecture] 4/12 Monday 2nd period [Kosugi] “About Genetic Testing”
[3rd lecture] 4/13 Tuesday 1st period [Yamada] “Genetic Counseling for Cytogenetics and Chromosomal Abnormalities”: The basics of cytogenetics and genetic counseling for chromosomal abnormalities.
[4th lecture] 4/13 Tuesday 2nd period [Yamada] “Prenatal Care and Genetic Counseling”: A look at actual practices of prenatal genetic testing and genetic counseling.
[5th lecture] 4/15 Thursday 1st period [Wada] “How to Draw Family Trees and Estimation of Genetic Risks”: The standard method for drawing family trees and methods of estimating genetic risk.
[6th lecture] 4/15 Thursday 2nd period [Wada] “Genetic Counseling for Congenital Malformation Syndromes”: Genetic counseling for major congenital malformation syndromes.
[7th lecture] 4/19 Monday 3rd period [Wada] “The Ever-Evolving Genetic Medicine”: “Meeting with Krabbe disease patients and their families”: An account by our chairman, Mr. Masamichi Takeda.
[8th lecture] 4/19 Monday 4th period [Wada] “Genetic Counseling in Practice”: A look at actual genetic counseling practiced in clinics.
[9th lecture] 4/20 Tuesday 1st period [Wada] “Genetic Counseling for Hereditary Neurological Disorders”: A look at genetic counseling for major hereditary neurological disorders.
[10th lecture] 4/20 Tuesday 2nd period [Yamada] “Assisted Reproductive Technology and Genetic Counseling”: A look at assisted reproductive technologies and genetic counseling, targeting medical conditions such as infertility and infecundity.
[11th lecture] 4/21 Wednesday 2nd period [Kosugi] “Guidelines for Genetic Medicine”
[12th lecture] 4/21 Wednesday 3rd period [Kosugi] “Pharmacogenetics”
[13th lecture] 4/21 Wednesday 4th period [Nakajima] “Genetic Counseling for Familial Tumors”
[14th lecture] 4/23 Friday 1st period [Torishima] “Medical Communication in the Context of Genetic Counseling (1)”: The basics of medical communication, including “empathic understanding,” “minimum attitude required for interpersonal assistance,” and “attitudes and words that inhibit communication.”
[15th lecture] 4/23 Friday 2nd period [Yoshida] “Medical Communication in the Context of Genetic Counseling (2)”: Specific communication methods in the context of genetic counseling.
[16th lecture] 4/30 Friday 2nd period [Wada/Kawasaki] “Final Test” Written test
Evaluation Methods and Policy Comprehensive evaluation of tests, reports, attendance, and other activities.

[Passing grade]
A score of at least 60 out of 100 points on the written test
60 points or more: Pass
59 points or less: Fail
Course Requirements Available only for the Division of Medical Science (Master’s Program).

Requires a basic understanding of molecular biology and molecular genetics.
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) Instructions will be given accordingly
Textbooks Textbooks/References Other materials:
*Required (must be acquired by all):
○ Thompson & Thompson Genetics in Medicine (2nd Ed.) (Medical Science International) ISBN:978-4-89592-875-5
○ Genetic Counseling Manual (Nankodo) Revised 3rd Edition ISBN:978-4-524-26667-8
*Recommended texts and materials:
○ Iden Igaku e no Shotai (“Invitation to Medical Genetics”) (Nankodo) Revised 5th Edition ISBN: 978-4-524-26562-6
○ New Clinical Genetics, by Dian Donnai and Andrew Read (MEDSI) ISBN: 978-4-89592-574-7 ○GeneReviews http://www.geneclinics.org/
References, etc. Presented in class