Numbering Code G-LET49 69646 LJ48 Year/Term 2021 ・ Second semester
Number of Credits 2 Course Type lecture
Target Year Target Student
Language Japanese Day/Period Wed.2
Instructor name Nkamura Tadashi (Graduate School of Letters Professor)
Outline and Purpose of the Course We will study the Russian language from scratch. This course is for students interested in Russian language and literature. Starting with the letter-writing style and pronunciation that are rather unfamiliar in Japan, we will then continue on to learn the language's basic grammar, syntax, and vocabulary, which are surprisingly analogous to those found in Japanese.
Course Goals 1) Learn the Cyrillic alphabet used in Russian, as well as its pronunciation.
2) Learn the basic grammar of Russian.
Schedule and Contents The course will progress according to distributed printouts. The model sentences and grammar points of each teaching unit are roughly as follows.
Introduction: Writing and Pronunciation
Lesson 1: "This is Natasha": Declarative Sentences
Lesson 2: "I am not Natasha": Personal Pronouns, Interrogative Sentences, Negative Sentences
Lesson 3: "This is my suitcase": Possessive Pronouns, Demonstrative Pronouns
Lesson 4: "There's an old photo over there": The Nature of Adjectives and Nouns
Lesson 5: "I'm reading a magazine": Present Tense Verb Conjugation 1
Lesson 6: "I speak Japanese": Present Tense Verb Conjugation 2, Plural Form
Lesson 7: "Where does she live?": Irregular Verbs and the Prepositional Case
Lesson 8: "Do you have a phone?": Expressions of Possession, Imperative Form
Lesson 9: "Are you listening to music?": Irregular Verbs and the Accusative Case
Lesson 10: "I want to send a package": Verbs of Motion and Expressions of Destination
Lesson 11: "I was studying Japanese literature": Past Tense of Verbs
Lesson 12: "I was at home": Various Past Tenses
Lesson 13: "We're having guests tonight": Future Tense of Verbs, Irregular Verbs
Lesson 14: "I don't have an umbrella": Genitive Rules of Use

Feedback will be explained in class.
Evaluation Methods and Policy Assessments on class participation (30%) and exams (70%).
Course Requirements None
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) Look over the distributed printouts ahead of time and thoroughly review and master vocabulary and syntax after class.
Textbooks Textbooks/References Other; printouts will be distributed.
References, etc. Other; will be presented at the first class or during other class sessions.