1653004Indological Studies (Seminars)

Numbering Code G-LET13 71653 LJ36 Year/Term 2021 ・ Second semester
Number of Credits 2 Course Type reading
Target Year Target Student
Language English Day/Period Thu.3
Instructor name Tao PAN (Graduate School of Letters Program-Specific Senior Lecturer)
Outline and Purpose of the Course We will read representative pieces of the German academic writing in the fields of Indology and Buddhology, in order to help the students develop abilities to read and understand academic German on their own.

The aims of the course include: (1) to introduce students into the disciplines of German Indology and Buddhology by means of the renowned academic works; (2) to familiarise them with the main stylistics of academic writings in German and with the features of German translations from Sanskrit; (3) to develop the students’ abilities to read and understand German academic writings on their own.
Course Goals Students will develop abilities to read and understand German academic writings on their own.
Schedule and Contents This course is scheduled for 15 weeks and consists of three parts: Part I Background Knowledge; Part II History of Scholarship; Part III Reading Materials from Students. Each lecture is accompanied by the relevant reading materials in German every week. From week 7-15, the choice of texts depends on the participants’ interest and specialisation. Various periods and styles of German Indological and Buddhological literature will be read, from essays to excerpts from monographs.

Part I Background Knowledge (two weeks)
Week #01 Tools & Tips
1.1. Lexika, Handbooks, Tools
1.2. Abbreviations (German, Latin, Bibliographic)
1.3. Conventions (Citation of Texts), Stylistics and Tones (e.g. wohl, vielleicht, nicht sicher)
Reference: PW, pw, SWTF, EWAia, Goto 1987; Bechert 1990 Abkuerzungsverzeichnis zum buddshitischen Literatur;

Week #02 Introduction to German Indology
2.1. Vedic Studies, Indic Linguistics
2.2. Buddhist Studies
2.3. Jaina Studies
Reference: Bechert & von Simson 1993 Einführung in die Indologie; Windisch Geschichte der Sanskrit-Philologie und Indischen Altertumskunde; SWTF; Veroeffentlichungen der Helmuth von Glasenapp-Stiftung
Website: https://www.harrassowitz-verlag.de/reihenwerk_249.ahtml ; https://whowaswho-indology.info ;

Part II History of Scholarship (three weeks)
Week #03 Indology in German
3.1. Important Scholars
3.2. Representative Works
3.3. Reading Exercise
Reference: Rau Bilder der 135 deutschen Indologen;
Website: https://whowaswho-indology.info ;

Week #04 Buddhist Studies in German
4.1. Important Scholars
4.2. Representative Works
4.3. Reading Exercise
Reference: SWTF
Website: https://whowaswho-indology.info ;

Week #05 Indic Linguistics in German
5.1. Important Scholars
5.2. Representative Works
5.3. Reading Exercise
Reference: EWAia
Website: https://whowaswho-indology.info ;

Part III Reading Materials from Students (ten weeks)
Week #06 Specifying the assignments of the participants
Week #07-15 Read, Exercise & Analyse
Evaluation Methods and Policy Active participation in the classroom, preparation of translations from German at home.
Course Requirements Basic reading knowledge of German (B1 or above would be ideal)
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) Preparation of German textual passages to be translated and discussed. Approximately one to two hours per week.
References, etc. Some of the materials can be downloaded here: