M322001European History (Seminars)

Numbering Code G-LET26 7M322 SJ38 Year/Term 2021 ・ Year-round
Number of Credits 4 Course Type Seminar
Target Year Target Student
Language Japanese Day/Period Fri.3
Instructor name KOYAMA SATOSHI (Graduate School of Letters Professor)
KANAZAWA SHUUSAKU (Graduate School of Letters Professor)
FUJII TAKASHI (Graduate School of Letters Associate Professor)
Outline and Purpose of the Course In this seminar, each graduate student is to give a paper on his or her research in progress, and it is to be examined and discussed among three professors convening this seminar as well as all the participants. The aim of this seminar is to help boost the participants’ researches, understand further the implications of the various subjects on the European history, the perspectives and the methodologies, and the natures and the uses of documents.
Course Goals The specific goals of this seminar are as follows: understanding the significant topics to be studied, the relevant theories and methods on the historical research and certain features and uses of documents in each period and place, through the presentations and the discussions; developing the research of each participant by presenting his or her ongoing study; in the case of M.Phil. students, completing their master's thesis with the help of comments and advice given during class, and in the case of Ph.D. candidates, completing their doctoral thesis.
Schedule and Contents Each participant is essentially required to give a paper on his or her research twice a year. For those in the master's course, the presentations are an interim reports for the master's thesis, while for those in the doctoral course, each presentation is a milestone for a Ph.D. thesis. Moreover, it is also important to give a paper on the critical survey of the historiography of the subject one is currently exploring, on the general introduction to a certain thriving field of research, and so on. Note that only through the committed discussion by all the participants, will this seminar function as an opportunity to learn openly, collectively and objectively.

At the seminar, the feedback period will be observed.
Evaluation Methods and Policy Graduate students are evaluated overall according to the contents of the two papers presented in the seminar and the level of achievement of the course goals specified above.
Course Requirements Graduate students only.
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) This seminar requires two papers a year. Accordingly, it is assumed that participants will continue to study and research outside of class for their preparations. Moreover, it is desirable for students to explore extensively the important subjects and theories and methodologies in advance, in order to appreciate the other participants’ papers to follow the discussions, and to actively participate.
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