Seminars on Design for Understanding and Enhancing Student Learning A

Numbering Code G-EDU46 57324 SE46 Year/Term 2021 ・ First semester
Number of Credits Course Type topics seminar
Target Year Master's students Target Student
Language English Day/Period Fri.1
Instructor name Emmanuel MANALO (Graduate School of Education Professor)
Outline and Purpose of the Course The purpose of this course is to help research students develop the necessary skills in designing and conducting educational research, analyzing data and interpreting results, and preparing reports for conference presentations and publication. Developing a rationale for research based on pertinent research literature and findings will also be emphasized. The focus will be on research that examines various aspects of students learning processes and outcomes, including (but not limited to) learning and instructional strategies, factors that influence learning, and individual differences in learning.
Course Goals The main goal of this course is to develop students’ skills and competencies in constructing a rationale for, designing, conducting, and reporting educational research so that they can meet the requirements of their courses of study. A secondary goal is to develop students’ skills and competencies in considering the research work of their peers and providing constructive comments and feedback.
Schedule and Contents Weeks 1-15: In the first week, the instructor will provide an introduction to the course conduct, and will ask each student to introduce themselves and their intended research projects. From the second week onward, regular class conduct will follow this pattern: instructor and students take turns at providing brief reports on their research work and achievements since the previous week’s meeting, discussion is conducted on pertinent issues arising from the reports, and everyone takes a turn at declaring their concrete research goals for the coming week. When some students have upcoming conference or other formal research presentations, practice presentations (with feedback) can be scheduled during class.
Evaluation Methods and Policy 【評価方法】
Quality of weekly reports of research progress and achievements = 50%, Quality of constructive comments and feedback provided to peers = 30%, Achievement of research objectives for the semester = 20%

Course Requirements To formally enrol in this course, students need to be undertaking research for the purposes of writing a thesis (graduation, masters, or doctoral). The research they are undertaking needs to fit into the broad category of “student learning”.
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) The activities that students need to engage in as part of this course (i.e., reporting, presenting, concrete goal setting, commenting) are integral parts of their research activities. Outside of class, students will be expected to read pertinent research literature, conduct their actual research study, analyze data, write their thesis, and prepare/write research reports for conference presentation and journal publication.
References, etc. The instructor will provide references as appropriate during class sessions.