International Academic Presentation

Numbering Code Year/Term 2021 ・ Intensive, First semester
Number of Credits 1 Course Type
Target Year Target Student
Language English Day/Period Intensive
Instructor name IVINGS,Steven (Graduate School of Economics Associate Professor)
Outline and Purpose of the Course Giving a presentation at an international workshop provides an important platform for students to develop their oral presentation skills and streamline their means of communication. It also provides them with an excellent opportunity to interact and discuss with scholars on subjects from various fields of interest. This will in turn enable students to connect their disciplinary field of studies to the new ideas they have learned, and thereby help them enhance their academic performance and research excellence. This ad-hoc course is organised with these novel aims in mind.
Course Goals Students are expected to acquire valuable experience and skills in preparing and presenting content from their research project at an international and academic setting.
Schedule and Contents Registration for this course is limited to students who are going to participate and present a paper (at least once) at an international academic conference or international graduate workshop, held in Japan or abroad. International students are allowed to count their participation and presentation at a domestic academic conference or graduate workshop held in Japan, however, in such cases participation is required on two or more occasions.
Evaluation Methods and Policy This course requires ex-post registration. Paper presentation, incl. preparation (50%) / Completion report (50%).

Make sure to contact the person in charge of this course before your presentation both to: 1) express your intention to register and 2) to receive feedback on presentation.
Course Requirements Students are required to give one or two presentations at relevant international workshops. Before and after the presentation, students are required to get advice from their own supervisor(s) and, if needed, from the instructors. Students are also required to submit their presentation and completion report to the supervisors as well as the instructors afterward. It is possible to register the course and obtain credit up to twice; however, these separate registrations must be in different years/semesters.
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) For preparation, students are required to discuss with and get feedback from their supervisor(s) and, from the instructor(s).