Global Economic History & Global Business History

Numbering Code G-ECON31 5A414 LJ38
G-ECON31 5A414 LJ43
G-ECON31 5A414 LJ44
Year/Term 2021 ・ First semester
Number of Credits 2 Course Type Lecture
Target Year Target Student
Language Japanese Day/Period Tue.2
Instructor name SAKADE TAKESHI (School of Government Associate Professor)
KUROSAWA TAKAFUMI (Graduate School of Economics Professor)
Outline and Purpose of the Course The purpose of this class is to comprehensively introduce the main topics in the field of Economic History in Europe and the United States and create essential prerequisites for each student's individual theme exploration, mainly for graduate students majoring in economic history or related fields at the Graduate School of Economics.
Course Goals Through reading"経済史" (有斐閣, 2018年)a comprehensive textbook on the history of the world economy, and discussing each topic with each individual, students will deepen their understanding of the periodic changes in research on the history of the world economy, gaining guidance and the ability to conduct research on a individual themes.
Schedule and Contents Lecture 1 小野塚知二著 "経済史" (title omitted hereafter) focusing on "What is Economic History?" (Instructors: Nishimuta, Kurosawa, Sakade; Name in bracket hereafter indicates instructor in-charge)
Lecture 2 Focusing on "Chapter 3 Review-Pre-modern and Modern" (Kurosawa)
Lecture 3 Focusing on "Chapter 7 Transition from Pre-modern to Modern" (Kurosawa)
Lecture 4 Focusing on "Chapter 13 Industrial Revolution" (Kurosawa)
Lecture 5 Focusing on "Chapter 14 Economic System of Capitalism" (Kurosawa)
Lecture 6 Focusing on "Chapter 18 Global System of Capitalism" (Nishimuta)
Lecture 7 Focusing on "Chapter 19 Modern and Contemporary" (Nishimuta)
Lecture 8 Focusing on "Chapter 20 The First Global Economy and World War I" (Nishimuta)
Lecture 9 Focusing on "Chapter 21 World War I and Later Economy" (Nishimuta)
Lecture 10 Focusing on "Chapter 22 World War II and Later Economy" (Sakade)
Lecture 11 Focusing on "Chapter 23 The Second Age of Globalization" (Sakade)
Lecture 12 "Final Chapter: Limits and Possibilities of Economic Growth 1 Question of Exit" (Sakade)
Lecture 13 "Final Chapter: Limits and Possibilities of Economic Growth 2 Some Possibilities" (Sakade)
Lecture 14 Conclusion (Nishimuta, Kurosawa, Sakade)
Evaluation Methods and Policy After each class, each student is expected to present an A4 page report of knowledge and issues learned and submit it at the beginning of the next class. The total of these will make the attendance marks (70%), and students' positive contribution to class discussion (30%) will be added to the score.
Course Requirements Students must have taken economic and business history at the undergraduate level.
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) Read the relevant textbook part as preparation and the report after each lecture is as a review.
Textbooks Textbooks/References 小野塚知二 "経済史―いまを知り, 未来を生きるためにー" (有斐閣, 2018年刊) ISBN:978-4-641-16515-1
References, etc. Introduced during class