English Seminar on Developmental Science

Numbering Code U-EDU01 31416 SE63
U-EDU01 31416 SE12
U-EDU01 31416 SE46
Year/Term 2022 ・ First semester
Number of Credits Course Type reading and seminar
Target Year 3rd & 4th year students Target Student
Language English Day/Period Tue.1
Instructor name MYOUWA MASAKO (Graduate School of Education Professor)
AKECHI HIRONORI (Graduate School of Education Associate Professor)
Outline and Purpose of the Course Participants will independently select a research topic that centers on the science of development and must deliver a presentation, which discusses relevant (English-language) articles from international journals. All participants must also engage in debate focusing on the content of the said articles. The class aims to enable students to have a good grasp of the fundamentals of their chosen field and a mastery of its trends through regular presentations. To improve their English presentation skills, these sessions will be entirely delivered in English (where appropriate, supplementary explanation in Japanese will be provided).
We hope that this course attracts students with an interest in the scientific interpretation of typical and atypical human psychological functions and the processes by which they develop.
Course Goals ・Students should understand the academic trends in the science of development and have a full grasp of relevant basic knowledge.
・Students should have the diligence to search and be updated with the latest international journals on their fields of interest.
・Students should be proficient in doing presentations in English using PowerPoint and be able to hold an academic discussion in English
Schedule and Contents First session: Orientation, class plan
Second to fourteenth session: Outline of relevant literature by each participant followed by a discussion involving the entire class (thirteen scheduled sessions)
Fifteenth session: Summary, feedback
Evaluation Methods and Policy 【Evaluation method】
① Submission and presentation of an updated resume (40%)
② Class attendance and participation in discussions (60%)

【Evaluation guidelines】
Achievement of attainment targets is evaluated according to the Faculty of Education performance evaluation guidelines.
Course Requirements While there are no prerequisites for this class, we hope to attract students with an interest in development and education and those who want to improve their English presentation skills.
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) Alongside the sessions, students should, of their own accord, seek out academic journals and read articles closely related to the topics discussed in class and to subjects they have a personal interest in. To improve their English proficiency, students are also advised to view online presentations by leading researchers (e.g., TED Talks and Carta).
Textbooks Textbooks/References To be advised in class
References, etc. To be outlined in class