intermediate seminar

Numbering Code U-ECON00 20020 SJ43 Year/Term 2021 ・ Second semester
Number of Credits 2 Course Type Seminar
Target Year 2nd year students Target Student
Language Japanese Day/Period Fri.4・5
Instructor name WAKABAYASHI YASUNAGA (Graduate School of Management Professor)
Outline and Purpose of the Course The theme of this seminar is the theoretical study and practice of the first step of marketing management?"marketing research?that is, research on customers, markets, competition, strategy, and organizations. Its aim is for the students to cooperate in searching for "information," and to then create knowledge through the process of interpretation and by drawing implications. Students are also expected to develop the ability to express the new understanding that they have acquired.
Course Goals The aim of this seminar is for students to learn: how to carry out environmental analyses of businesses and organizations, and how to work out drafts for marketing strategy; how to give convincing presentations with a clear message; how to participate in discussions as a team, and work together in achieving goals.
Schedule and Contents In this seminar, we will be carrying out group readings of texts relating to marketing management and marketing research, completing marketing strategy exercises and debate exercises using case studies, conducting basic computer exercises (e.g., presentations using word processor and spreadsheet software), and applying and studying the theory of statistical analysis and multivariate analysis using the statistical software SPSS.
Furthermore, 2nd and 3rd year students will be jointly forming three project teams, drafting a marketing research plan, and conducting questionnaire surveys, field studies, interview surveys, and so forth. Using the data collected, the teams will then use spreadsheet software and statistical software to conduct statistical analysis, present the conclusions in a visual presentation, and engage in other activities. In recent years, we have also had projects, which have coordinated with companies and other organizations in developing sales promotion plans, products, and businesses.

 4th year students will engage in work such as graduation thesis writing, depending on their preferences.
 There are also a number of regular events. These include spring and summer trips, autumn seminar alumni reunions (Wakashichikai), and the January project presentations. 
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Evaluation Methods and Policy discussions, reports made during class (70%)
final presenttion (30%)
Course Requirements None.
It is advised that students be enrolled in Marketing 1 / 2.
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) Time spent preparing class presentations, project team meetings, etc.
Textbooks Textbooks/References 『コトラー、ケラーのマーケティング・マネジメント(基本編)』(Pearson Education)
References, etc. Introduced during class