Introductory Physics for Forest and Biomaterials Science

Numbering Code U-AGR05 2E113 LJ57 Year/Term 2021 ・ First semester
Number of Credits 2 Course Type Lecture
Target Year 1st year students Target Student
Language Japanese Day/Period Mon.5
Instructor name FUJII YOSHIHISA (Graduate School of Agriculture Professor)
Outline and Purpose of the Course This course is on introductory physics for phenomena and technologies in forest science.
Course Goals To understand the basic concepts, principles, and rules of physics and master high-school level physics.
Schedule and Contents Day 1: Movement and energy of objects I: Linear motion
Day 2: Movement and energy of objects II: Curved motion / Motion of rigid bodies
Day 3: Movement and energy of objects III: Momentum and impulse
Day 4: Movement and energy of objects IV: Circular motion and simple vibration
Day 5: Movement and energy of objects V: Motion of gases
Day 6: Waves I: Transmission of waves
Day 7: Waves II: Interference and diffraction
Day 8: Waves III: Sound (Longitudinal and transverse waves, resonance)
Day 9: Waves IV: Light (Electromagnetic waves and spectrum)
Day 10: Electricity and magnetism I: Electricity and current
Day 11: Electricity and magnetism II: Resistance, capacitor, coil
Day 12: Electricity and magnetism III: Magnetic attraction
Day 13: Electricity and magnetism IV: Current and magnetic field
Day 14: Nuclear energy I: Atoms and nuclei, particles and waves
Day 15: Nuclear energy II: Physical energy
Final examination
Evaluation Methods and Policy Final examination (60% weightage), exercises in every lecture (40% weightage)
The evaluation criteria and achievement level are in accordance with the "Evaluation Criteria and Achievement Level" described in the Student Handbook of the Faculty of Agriculture for the relevant year.
Course Requirements Nothing in particular
Study outside of Class (preparation and review) Final examination (60% weightage), exercises in every lecture (40% weightage)
Textbooks Textbooks/References Others will be distributed or mentioned during the lecture.
References, etc. Andrew Elby: A problem solving guide Vol.I, Physics for scientists and engineers 2nd ed. Prentice Hall, 1996
Andrew Elby: A physics problem solving guide Vol.I, The portable T.A., Prentice Hall, 1998